Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio



September 4, 2014


The Muskingum Township Trustee met in regular session on September 4, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. in the Fire Building.



Trustees Mike Maniaci, Matt Hittle, Ed Fell and Fiscal Officer Jason Baughman were in attendance.

There were 3 residents in attendance. Commissioner Porter was in attendance.



The August 7, 2014 Regular minutes were read. Hittle motioned to approve. Fell seconded.

The August 31, 2014 Special minutes were read. Hittle motioned to approve. Fell seconded.



Checks were approved and signed for payment.



Mr. Schlaegel addressed the trustees and Commissioner Porter regarding the Shannon Road property issue.

Mr. Schlaegel, the trustees and Porter reviewed the map of the Shannon Road and the property lines in question.

Mr. Porter indicated that the recent Shannon Road ruling by the commissioners was reversed as it was determined that as all adjourning parties involved were not properly notified. Mr. Schlaegel indicated that his attorney indicated the road on the property can be used as needed. Mr. Porter and Maniaci referred to O.R.C. 5547.01.03 – whereas the County Commissioners can rule on obstructions to a road if determined. Mr. Porter stated this is not a road or considering it a road at this time. Mr. Porter indicated since the road on the property has not been maintained, or by the Township, for a long time, a legal easement may be needed. Mr. Porter indicated the before any maintenance agreement is decided, the road on the property would have to meet county road specifications. An option to consider would be for the road to be abandoned and a maintenance agreement signed by the adjourning parties including Mr. Schlaegel. The Trustees and Mr. Porter stated that unfortunately at this time there is nothing that they can specifically do or rule on and although not responsible for arranging, they recommended Mr. Schlaegel to work on a compromise with the property owners and offered to assist Mr. Schlaegel with working on a compromise with him and the other property owners when they’re available.



Commissioner Porter asked the trustees about Schneider Lane motor pavement. Mr. Schneider expressed concerns with the road and requested a burn be put in. Mr. Porter and the trustees indicated that part of the road was Cass Township and would arrange a meeting with everyone to discuss the options.


Ms. Everson indicated she was opening a recycling business and inquired about zoning issues. Maniaci stated there were no zoning currently in Muskingum Township. Commissioner Porter indicated that the county was having issues with getting rid of their recycling due to the Marietta recycling center that was burned down recently.


Fiscal Officer Baughman presented “Then and Now” purchase order to the trustees for approval for the Fire Truck Payment of $42,722.67. Maniaci motioned to accept. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Maniaci indicated that the previously approved Vista Drive Resolutions 8-7-2014 from the July meeting required 3 signatures therefore Maniaci also approve the resolution, in addition to the previous trustee’s approval, and add his signature


Fiscal Officer Baughman presented the trustees with the 2015 Tax Budget for approval. Maniaci moved the adoption of the 2015 Tax Budget accepting amounts and rates determined by the Budget Commission in its certification and authorizing the necessary tax levies to the county Auditor.

Inside the 10 Mill Limitation $279,609.

Outside 10 Mill Limitation $103,618.

Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Hittle stated that Camm Construction Asphalt Restoration agreed to the $3.75 counter proposed from the trustees and would like to look at Jacks Fairway with the trustees.


Fell indicated he spoke with Doug Davis regarding Fawn Drive property issue. Davis indicated and recommended chip seal options instead of installing a catch basin.


Maniaci stated he called Stubbins regarding the Eagle Point Drive properties mowing and was still waiting for returned call from Mr. Stubbins regarding getting these properties mowed again.


Maniaci indicated that the trustees would look at Melody Lane and the other roads to discuss the linear feet areas for Camm Construction Asphalt Restoration to begin work on.


Maniaci stated that Mr. Auchmyer, of Gregory Lane-Terra Shores, indicated the township buried a ditch and inquired on who was responsible for replacing the culvert. Maniaci stated he would look into the property address and discuss with the bank or owner of this property before proceeding with approval for any installation of the culvert.


Maniaci stated that he had no additional information on the Bunting Cemetery fence post issue. Maniaci and trustees were in agreement to proceed with fixing the fence post.  


Hittle inquired about Winfield Circle pipe. Maniaci stated the pipe has already been pulled out and installed.


Maniaci presented the July and August Fire/EMS Run Report:

Fire Run Reports:       July                 5          Non-Emergency         August             4          Non-Emergency

EMS Run Reports:      July                 15        10:58   A.R.T              August             20        9:09 A.R.T.


Maniaci stated that we need to discuss and make a decision on our new employee Troy Clements since the 90 day probationary period is done. The trustees agreed that Troy was a good worker, good attitude, and was working out well and just needed a little more experience with learning the truck and plowing. Maniaci motioned to accept Troy Clements as full-time employee. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Maniaci indicated Curtis would be off for approximately 6 weeks due to rotator cuff surgery.


Hittle indicated that the trustees will look into options on some additional help to fill in with Curtis being out and in preparation of the plowing season and uncertainty of Curtis’s recovery time. 


Hittle motioned to adjourn. Fell seconded. All ayed.


                                                                                                Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer


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