Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: September 6, 2012


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on September 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  Trustees Mike Maniaci, Steve Fusner, Matt Hittle and fiscal officer were present. There were 4 residents present.


The August 2, 2012 regular minutes were read and approved.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci opened for old business. No old business.


Maniaci asked trustees about progress on shale agreement. Fusner stated still nothing from Connie Fink or Ohio Township Association to-date.


Maniaci asked fiscal officer about health insurance. Baughman stated Wicert has not responded to his follow-ups and he also spoke with Jared Dosch at Forker Company regarding additional quotes. The only quote that came back from Forker Company that was competitive was from Medical Mutual, which Miller Lynn also quoted the same plan options, however Jared Dosch's quote was different than that of Charlie Brenner at Miller Lynn. Baughman stated he was in the process of contacting Charlie Brenner and Todd Johnson and Jared Dosch to discuss why there are differences in the same plan from Medical Mutual that was quoted.


Maniaci stated that there is a FEMA meeting on September 7th at 1pm and Jason will be attending to see if we will be getting any money back for the June storms.


Maniaci stated that chip-seal has been finished on Welch and Fawn.


Maniaci stated that Northcrest is being prepared for paving and Shelly Company will be paving sometime in the next week or two.


Maniaci asked trustees about the change on the township sign. Mike Davis quoted $425 per sign. Hittle made motion to make the sign change to Falls EMS Station #3. Fusner seconded. Roll call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


Fusner also recommended adding sign or adding sign out front that would say regular township meeting first Thursday of every month at 7pm so we don't have to update every month. Maniaci will ask Mike Davis about signage.


Maniaci discussed the dry hydrant on Friendly Hills and stated that Falls is just waiting on Zemba.


Maniaci stated he had reviewed the fire contract and there are two different places within the contract allowing us to pay Mark Brown the $500 from the fire fund.




Maniaci opened for new business.


Todd Graham asked about guard rail St. Mary's road. Fusner stated he talked with Doug Culbertson on this and is waiting on county to get back with him on what the cost is to fix this.


Mr. Forest Mendenhall stated that he had been asked by another township trustee about our township employees and our employees policy and procedures. Mr. Mendenhall stated that this trustee has seen our township employees and vehicles at various places in town multiple times during the week. Mr. Mendenhall, in light of his conversation with the above mentioned trustee,  asked some questions to the trustees regarding our township employees, administrative control over our employees and enforcing employee policy and procedures. He asked the following questions:


How many employees do we have? Is there a set of employee rules that cover hours such items as hours of work, lunch hours, work breaks, time cards, work reports, overtime, mileage logs, travel time to and from work sites and lunch hours and how does the trustees administer these rules over the employees. Is there any one trustee or anyone appointed to oversee township employees. How is overtime authorized and is any set rules regarding overtime.


Maniaci stated that there are 2 employees and we have a employee policy manual. Time cards are completed with detail of work performed. Mileage logs are not presently maintained. There are no such rules regarding when lunch hours are to be taken, when and where. There may be such times when the employees will stop and eat lunch while on their way to pick up something in town.  The employees work an 8 hour day which includes their 1 hour lunch. As for overtime, the general rule is that they are not to work overtime however there are some circumstances that overtime is needed such as emergency situations like tree or snow removal.


Maniaci stated that there is constant communication with the employees regarding the employees work day and week and generally know what the employees are doing where they are going and when. All trustees oversee the employees and advise one another with any issues. Maniaci and Hittle stated that the trustees have had previous discussions with the employees, regarding their work hours, overtime, lunch hours and making changes to these policies. In addition to the policy and procedures there is a give and take relationship regarding these policies and administering the employees work hours including their daily work breaks and lunch hours. Maniaci stated that we as trustees don't feel that the employees are taking advantage of the policy and procedures especially for the amount of work that we get out of our two employees.


Fusner also stated that our township employees, in particularly Curtis, has done things such welding, mechanic work and has fixed a rear-end of one of our trucks that would typically cost us thousands of dollars if we had to contract these services outside. Curtis along with Charley looks out for our township and our best interest. Maniaci stated that for the amount of work we get out of our workers and for what they earn we get a lot more back from them than what we pay out.  


Hittle stated that he understands Mr. Mendenhall's inquiry and that everyone is watching and how these things can be interpreted.     


Maniaci stated he appreciates Mr. Mendenhall's concerns and at the present time we as trustees believe we are not being taken advantage of and our employee policy and procedure system in place is working, however we will always be open to changes at any time.


Mr. Mendenhall ask about wages. Maniaci stated Curtis makes $15.50 per hour and Charley makes $13.75 per hour.


Hittle stated that he talked with Mr. Steinment regarding his property and water issues and the trustees would meet with him anytime to discuss his water issues and culvert options.


Todd Graham asked the trustees if the fire building could be used for a Coon Hunters Club Meeting. Maniaci made a motion to allow the use of the fire building for the Coon Hunter Club Meeting. Hittle seconded. All ayed. 


Maniaci read the fire report for August:

0 Fire Emergency   ART(avg. response time)      0:00 minutes

0 Non Emergency    ART                     0:00 minutes

22 EMS runs        ART                     8:44 minutes


Maniaci stated a letter has been received from Strauser Construction indicating a change in their service representative.


Baughman presented trustees with Official Certificate of Estimated Resources for 2013 received from the county auditor and resolution to be read and accepted to be filed with the county auditor by October 1, 2012. Maniaci read the resolution and made motion to accept the 2013 budget of $628,667.66 this 6th day of September 2012. Fusner seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


Maniaci stated that we have received the final approved resolution from the County Commissioners dedicating Northern Place Drive to Muskingum Township.


Fusner moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.






                          Jason T. Baughman, FISCAL OFFICER