Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio

Sept. 2011 minutes





DATE: September 1, 2011


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on September 1, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.


The minutes of the August 4, 2011 meeting were read and approved.

Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci talked about the Welsh Road drainage issue.  He spoke with Mr. King who also has a culvert coming across on his property and he is okay with us running a ditch through his property down to the creek to run the water off of the road.  All three people involved in this are all okay with us running water through their property.  Maniaci meet with the engineer yesterday and within a week will have his estimate on what it would cost to do this.  The prosecuting attorney is going to prepare the respective lease agreement right-a-ways.  Engineer is going to write the work orders to do the work in the three different properties.  Depending on the price from the engineer will determine if we need to put this job out for bid.


Thelma and Roger Cohagen stated they set out a camcorder at their property on Jones Road in regards to the heavy traffic flow since North Pointe has been closed.  In one afternoon, a little over an hour there were approximately 58 vehicles went by their resident.  On the morning of August 10th, in 43 minutes there were 178 vehicles. This was between 6:17 a.m. and finished at 7:00 a.m. Cohagen’s stated they haven’t seen any more semis traveling Jones Road since the “no thru trucks” signs were put up. Roger called Doug Davis’ office to see about getting a car counter, so that it might help the township receive help from the county when Jones Road falls apart.  Maniaci said they have spoken to the county commissioners and the chances of us getting money from them for Jones Road is not good.  Maniaci encouraged all residents to contact the County Commissioners in regards to this matter.

Brian Williams said he spoke with a Mr. Gillespie, plant manager at the power plant in regards to having his employees run out McGlade School Road and not cutting up over Jones Road.  Jerry Miller said he spoke with the County Commissioners and they will be putting a car counter on both ends of Jones Road in the next couple weeks to monitor traffic. 


Maniaci asked about the road damage that was done a couple months ago at Kenlo Woods.  Fusner stated he hasn’t been able to get the accident report off line from the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s office. Fusner said he will go out to the OSP to get the report. Maniaci asked for the report number and he advised he will try to get the report so we can file for the damages that were done to the road.


Patty Bischard asked about the fire truck payment.  How is it getting paid?  If the levy passes, does this money go to Falls Township FD and they make the truck payment?  Maniaci advised her that as long as we still own the truck, the payment will come out of our fire levy money.  Before Falls Township FD receives any money, that truck payment gets made.  Falls Fire Department has told trustees that whatever money they receive from Muskingum Township will be used for supplies/tools/etc. in this township.


Brian Williams asked if Falls Township takes over payments on that fire truck, they will own that truck.  Trustees stated yes.  Maniaci stated we have a certain amount of equity in the truck.  So that issue will have to be discussed when they take over that payment.  If we sell them the truck, we will get something for the equity we have in the truck.  Brian stated he feels we need to hold onto every piece of equipment Muskingum Township has and lease it to Falls Twp Fire Dept for $1.00 a year.  They can maintain it and operate it.  Then it would still be the property of Muskingum Township.  If they take over the payments they will own that truck.  It will reduce the expenses of $40,000 a year so they get a bonus check of $40,000 a year to pay the payments plus the truck.  He questioned giving them the truck and making the payments too.  Trustees stated that Falls should get the whole fire levy money because that is the way it was set up.  Maniaci said, yes we are making the payment on a truck we are not using, we are not maintaining and we are not outfitting.  Falls is doing all the supplies on the truck, all the maintenance and that is coming from some of the money we gave them.  From the expenses that he has heard that they’ve paid to put everything back together, Falls is way over the amount what we are giving them.  Right now, they have an investment in this township that we didn’t pay for, that they’ve paid for out of their pockets. 


Fusner asked the question, “Are we better serviced and covered today than we were two years ago today”?  Patty Bischard said absolutely, Brian Williams said no.  Fusner asked Williams, why no?  Williams stated this other half of the township yes, the northern area.  Fusner informed him you still have volunteers running out of this building like we had two years ago.  Williams said there are 5 people in Muskingum Township running out of this station.  Maniaci informed him in the last two years there were about 3.  There was a list of 28 members, but only 3 that ran.  Brian Williams stated that the trustees appointed the fire chief and created this mess.  Maniaci said to go back even further than before they appointed the past chief, the departments numbers were down so low and there was still only a handful of members making the runs.  Maniaci said as far as he can remember, there has never been 15-20 members making 50% of the runs.


Forest Mendenhall wanted to know what the purpose is of owning that truck.  Who cares who owns it?  His main concern is does that truck work and will someone show up that is capable of putting out the fire with that truck and will everything on that truck work.  And who cares who owns it.  Brian Williams said his thought is who paid for it.  Mr. Mendenhall said he paid a lot into the funds of the previous fire outfit and those funds are gone.  At least he knows where his money is now and he knows what it is doing here, it is working.  Williams said all he is saying is they should keep the equipment they have and lease it to Falls for $1.00 a year. 


Maniaci said if we decide to keep the truck and lease it to them for $1.00 they could come back to the trustees and say, well then you can outfit it.  Falls has fixed the trucks, outfitted it, maintained it and pretty much everything in it is theirs.  And they could come back to us and say we’ll take all of our things out of the truck and you can outfit it. 


Fusner said also when Falls Twp FD did take over they brought to the trustees attention, that those trucks were $21,916 short of equipment that was needed to make them state compliant.  Now we have the knowledge and professionalism that has fixed that.  Williams said that $20,000 list to make the truck compliant was brought up to the trustees 2 ½ years ago by Mr. Benson.  Which he then pulled that request back and re-wrote some other requests.  It was approved and other items were bought instead of items on the list.  So that was nobody’s fault but theirs Williams said. 


Patty Bischard re-affirmed that we have not sold the truck.  Maniaci said we have not sold the truck.  She stated that if she votes for the fire levy, we are not spending any money other than what is already on the fire levy and not going to be any different than what it has always been.   Thelma Cohagen stated it is different, you are getting better service.


Miller stated, one reason we might possibly get rid of that truck would be to get the township out of debt.  That is the only debt the township has.  The chances of Muskingum Township ever having a fire department owned by the township is very slim, when there is qualified incorporated fire departments around us that can provide the service.


Fusner stated he received the contract from AEP for cinders.  Fusner stated we usually can’t get any from them anyway, but do we want to submit the contract anyway?  All trustees advised to proceed with this contract.


Fusner also Verizon contacted him in regards to a Fiber Optic line at the corner of Tunis Road and Rt 146.  It will be aerial and we do not have any specifications or special instructions for that.  He will let them know.


Miller advised Gorsuch Road is blacktopped.  Fusner had one complaint where the pave machine broken down and mashed a couple catch basins.  He contacted Mark Cox from Shelly and they have been fixed today.  Wilson Lane is also blacktopped.  Patches were laid on Carolina Road which was no cost to the township as this was to repair some of the work that was done last year.


Jerri Newell read the resolution from the Auditor accepting the rates and amounts as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor.  Mr. Miller moved this adoption of this resolution.  Mr. Maniaci seconded the motion to accept this resolution.  Roll call: Fusner ayed, Miller ayed and Maniaci ayed.


Miller read the fire report submitted from Falls Township FD:

     Fire Runs     A.R.T.             6.03 minutes

     EMS Runs      A.R.T.             7.18 minutes


Thelma Cogahen wanted it known that The Fire Levy Committee will be holding “Neighborhood Open Informational Meetings” in regards to the renewal of the fire levy. 

     Sept. 10th     Terrace Shores @   4:00 p.m.

     Sept. 17th     Stonehenge         2:00 p.m.

     Sept. 24th     Oakwood North      4:00 p.m.

     Oct. 1st      Saddlebrook        4:00 p.m.

The information will be posted on the website and would like the locations and dates posted on the sign out in front of the township building.


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Miller.  All ayed.






                          JERRI A NEWELL, FISCAL OFFICER