Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio


October 6, 2016


·         The Muskingum Township Trustee met in regular session on October 6, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. in the Fire Building.



·         Trustees: Mike Maniaci, Ed Fell, Matt Hittle

·         Fiscal Officer: Jason Baughman.

·         Residents:  There were 6 residents in attendance.



The September 1, 2016 Regular minutes were read.  Minutes were corrected for Jones Road/Cassies Way Paving to read residents of Cassies/Eaglepoint Phase 1 and Chloe/Cassies Phase II. Fell motioned to accept as amended, Hittle seconded, Maniaci ayed.



Checks were signed and approved for payment.


THEN & NOW PURCHSE ORDE - Fiscal Officer presented then and now purchase order for the final payment on the Western Star Dump truck for $23,780.53. Maniaci motioned, Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittlle ayed, Fell ayed.




NEW RILEY ROAD - Maniaci indicated that the resident on New Riley was happy with the culvert repair Curtis and Jared did.


ROAD PATCHING - Trustees discussed road patching for Stonehenge, Heritage, Georgia and Tunis Roads.


DITCH ON TUNIS - Maniaci indicated there is a ditch on Tunis we need to look at.


CULVERT ON JONES - Curtis indicated still waiting on county about a culvert on Jones Road.


GUARD RAIL ON PRIOR - Curtis indicated still waiting on county about the guard rail on Prior Road.


BRIDGE ON FAWN DRIVE - Curtis indicate need to look at bridge on Fawn Drive.


TREES ON STAGECOACH - Curtis indicated need to look at pine trees on Stagecoach.



Fell indicated that he spoke with Dresden and their interest in providing services when our contract with Falls is up. Dresden staffs 12 hours, 7am to 7pm. Fell is going to speak with Fred Buck with Zanesville. Fell indicated that after last meeting regarding Falls accountants Moore Riley, it sounds like Falls Fire doesn't have an full audit of the financials. Fell indicated Dresden studies for a fire district shows a 4-6 mill levy needed from each township. We are still waiting on Falls to present the results of their fire district study. 







Resident Cole Ryan and Frank Cigole discussed storm water runoff with the trustees, Curtis and Jared. Mr. Ryan is building a house next to Mr. Cigole on Cassies Way. Questions discussed included storm water runoff and ditching and trustees responsibility surrounding the water runoff. The trustees and residents discussed the right-away options, trenching, catch basin and curbs as solution to the water runoff away from Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cigole's property. Mr. Ryan proposed trench drain, box drain in the right-away and has quotes from Steve Tetrak for installation of the trench drain while installing Mr. Ryan's driveway. The original road and ditch specifications were accepted by the county engineer and commissioners. The township takes over the maintenance of the roads and ditches only after the acceptance from the county engineer and commissioners. Maniaci stated he would have to discuss storm water and trustee responsibility with the prosecuting attorney for more clarity on storm water. Mr. Cigole indicated that after discussing, the development issues falls off on the county. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cigole will discuss with county engineer of alternative options after discussing with the trustees.



Mr. Dunfee discussed with trustees regarding paying for portion of Vanderbark paving this spring as we have in prior years. Maniaci motioned to approve, Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


TRACTOR - Curtis is picking up tractor this Friday.


PAVING - Curtis indicated we should verify tons of asphalt with the tickets when Shelly begins the paving on Tiffany and Dresden.



September       Fire      ER       2          ART    12:56 (dispatch to scene)

                                    Other   2.         ART    7:53 (dispatch to scene)


September       EMS   23 runs             ART    10:19 (dispatch to scene)



Curtis discussed repairs and maintenance and pricing on road equipment with the trustees for approval.

Road grader block repairs, road grader needs tires, seal kits, 16 amber, green, white lights for the trucks at $39.95 each. Maniaci indicted we can use the $500 safety grant for the lights.

Maniaci motioned to approve 2 blocks to fix the grader, $1,100, to fix the grader. Fell seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.

Hittle motioned to accept purchase of lights. Maniaci ayed. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Hittle moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Maniaci.  All ayed.



                                                                                    Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer