Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: October 4, 2012


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on October 4, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present. There were 2 residents present and 2 representatives from Wicert Insurance.


The September 6, 2012 regular minutes were read and approved.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci introduced Jeff Cashman and Kevin Howe from Wicert Insurance. Jeff indicated that Wicert works with over 400 townships in Ohio and in July Jason had been in contact with him about getting some health insurance quotes for Muskingum Township. Jeff indicated that he wanted to come to our meeting to discuss Wicert and their services they offer and answer any questions we may have regarding our health insurance options and assist us with reducing our current health care cost. Jeff indicated that the carrier and the plan are just one part of the health care cost equation and there are other options that can be incorporated in the plan such as health reimbursement options. Every plan is different and part of Wicert’s services is to help their clients find a plan and tailor it with options to meet the customer needs and within their budget.        


Mrs. Cohagen asked Mr. Cashman if the cost of a health insurance would decrease if the size of participants was increased.


Mr. Cashman indicated that there are varying factors that determine the cost of the plan other than just the number of participants. The plan design, deductibles and make up of participants as to their health, age, or sex impact the overall cost of the plan.


Hittle asked Mr. Cashman if we could custom design our plan or if these plan options are already set. Mr. Cashman stated that the plans are a little of both. The carriers have to file the rates of the plans with the state with a predetermined benefit however there are varying options to choose from such as deductible, co-pays, or employee reimbursement options. The options vary as no two townships or plans are the same.


Mrs. Cohagen asked what our current health insurance premiums are for the township as of October 1. Baughman stated that the monthly premiums are $4,687 per month. Mrs. Cohagen states that the county employees contribute 20% and in Muskingum County there are 18 out of 25 townships that provide insurance and 5 townships have a cap to their plan. Mrs. Cohagen stated that our township employees should contribute more toward the cost of the monthly premiums.


Maniaci asked Mr. Cashman, of all the township's that he works with, how much do these townships pay toward their employees health insurance premiums. Mr. Cashman stated that it varies anywhere from 50% to 100%. Some provide a monthly stipend and some provide a cap to the monthly premium for the employees.

Maniaci stated that we are not done with exploring all our options with lowering our health insurance cost and Wicert is just another option to us with helping us manage our health care cost. Maniaci stated that even though our annual budget is still increasing, even with the loss of the LTAP and Inheritance tax funds, we continue to explore our options to cut our health insurance cost without any added out-of-pocket cost to our employees.


Baughman discussed and stated to Wicert that he had received quotes from three local agents which had quoted the same carriers as Wicert would have quoted. Baughman stated that when the carriers were quoted in July and August the rates for Medical Mutual vs. Aetna, for the same plan, were about the same. Jared Dosch, from the Forker Company, quoted the same plan for Medical Mutual in September and, effective October 1st, the Medical Mutual plan rates came in lower than what was quoted by Rankin & Rankin and Miller Lynn back in July and August. Jared stated that Medical Mutual lowered their rates effective October 1st. Baughman also stated that next year, based on our current plan's premium rate table, 3 of our 4 plan participants rates are expected to increase another 25%.


Maniaci asked Wicert if they would come back to our next meeting to discuss what they have purposed to our health insurance plan options and our options available to us to lower our health insurance cost. Mr. Cashman stated that they would get to work on our options and be back at our next meeting to present these options.


Maniaci opened for old business.


Fusner discussed the bridge on St. Mary's Road. Fusner stated that Doug Davis said a 36 inch culvert would handle the repair.


Fusner stated he had talked with Connie Fink and Stephen Bradley about the shale agreements and talks have currently subsided and things are quiet right now until after the election. Most of the agreements for the townships have been left up to Doug Davis right now. Maniaci stated we will table for now and revisit these at a later time.


Maniaci asked Baughman about the FEMA meeting. Baughman stated he attended the FEMA meeting and completed and submitted all the required forms that were due by September 19th. Baughman stated he is authorized as the main point of contact in our FEMA grant process and is meeting with a FEMA representative on Friday, October 5th to start the application process. 


Maniaci stated Northcrest Road has been paved and the bill from Shelly Company came in $3,000 less than the bid.


Hittle stated that Mr. Meyer's culverts and ditches on Rollins Drive were completed.


Fusner asked Maniaci and Hittle whether or not the culvert replacement cost is the responsibility of the township or landowner so he knows how to handle this when other residents need culvert replacement. Maniaci stated historically this has been on a case by case basis and typically if the landowner wants to replace a culvert the landowner is responsible for the cost of the culvert and the township will install it for the landowner. If we see that a culvert needs replaced the township would cover the cost. Fusner stated we need to be consistent. Maniaci stated on average we may replace a dozen culverts per year and going forward we should discuss this with the landowner before we do a culvert replacement and recommend we charge the landowner for the cost of the culvert replacement.


Maniaci opened for new business.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about the side yard of the township. Maniaci stated we had some issues with the mower.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about any plans for a building or shelter for all of our equipment that we have sitting outside. Fusner stated that the extra lot we have was intended for a shelter. Maniaci stated that we have and will discuss plans for another building or structure to house our equipment and work on getting some quotes on this.


Maniaci read the fire report for September:

4 Fire Emergency    ART(avg. response time) 9:30 minutes

2 Non Emergency     ART                      8:00 minutes

19 EMS runs         ART                      9:09 minutes


Mrs. Cohagen asked if there has been any more thought on making our township facility a disaster shelter site. Maniaci stated he would talk with Bo Keck about how to proceed.


Fusner stated that he discussed with a Falls Township trustee on zoning requirements and process and stated that we should definitely go through an attorney. Fusner stated they go through Albers and he would call them to give us some information on zoning process and the cost associated with this process.


Mrs. Sellars asked trustees about the type of zoning we were thinking about. Maniaci stated we don't know much about zoning right now and will bring in attorney Albers to discuss this with us.


Baughman asked trustees if our 2 hour safety training requirement for the Frank Gates workers compensation group rating program has been met this year. Maniaci stated all the trustees have done the training but will call and confirm that we have met the requirement.


Baughman stated that he met with Loren Bates about our 2010 and 2011 audit and Loren stated the audit is complete and is waiting on the Auditor of State to sign off on it so we can schedule an exit conference. Baughman will advise trustees when finalized.


Hittle moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Maniaci.  All ayed.



                          Jason T. Baughman, FISCAL OFFICER