Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





December 5, 2013


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on December 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 4 residents present.


The November regular minutes were read approved. Maniaci motioned to approve minutes. Hittle seconded.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci opened for old business.


Maniaci stated Mrs. Sellars wanted everyone to know that the reason she was not at the meetings was due to an accident she had her residence and suffered some broken bones and would not be attending the meetings for a while as she will be rehabbing from her accident. Maniaci wished her a speedy recovery.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about mowing of Eaglepoint properties. Maniaci stated Brad Stubbins and Shirley McCollister found someone to mow them for $100 a property and as of today 3 of the 5 have been done and they were working on the others.


Maniaci provided update on residence on 2615 Frazeysburg Road. Maniaci went to records department, there is no estate and the property is sitting there in limbo while Medicaid has a lien on the property. Maniaci indicated that the attorney handling the property stated there is no immediate family, next of kin, the house is paid off and no family is interested in the property. In some situations where there is no one to force this into an estate, the property is just left to be until someone buys the property. At this moment, Maniaci indicated we are in a wait and see if the attorney can force it to and estate. Maniaci would get with Bud Chess regarding the process to send the appropriate letters and any rules that would allow us to mow the property since there is no estate and a lien on the home.


Maniaci stated Fiscal Officer indicated letter received regarding our credit card indicating it was still opened even though we notified them to close the account. Maniaci indicated, in the meantime, we will keep it opened until our new account is resolved.


Maniaci opened for new business.


Maniaci presented the following Fire and EMS run reports for November:


19 EMS runs (7 at 1 resident)             A.R.T. 7.00 minutes                                                              

2 Non-Emergency Fire run                 A.R.T. 11.08 minutes

1 Fire Run                                           A.R.T. 15 minutes


Maniaci stated that National Gas and Oil Co-operative is requesting an easement for some work on Creamery Road at the intersection of Welch and St.Mary's. Hittle stated he would contact Doug Davis since Creamery is not legally our road. Maniaci made motion to go ahead and approve the easement if the County Engineer approves this after Hittle discusses this with Doug. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed.


Maniaci stated that since the fire levy that was placed on this past Novembers ballot failed to pass in our township we wanted to get the process started again this evening of getting the levy placed on the May 2014 ballot. Maniaci stated to Mr. Fell, even though you are not officially sitting in right now, Maniaci offered Mr. Fell the floor to offer his opinion on the fire levy before we proceed with the resolution. Mr. Fell indicated that the overwhelming opinion was that the residents of our township were not happy with the presentation of the levy and the confusion and non-committal to our township that was presented by Falls Fire Department. Fire levies typically always pass and Falls relied on that alone. Maniaci agreed and also indicated there was even confusion amongst some at time of casting their ballots and the entire presentation of the fire levy for our township was handled poorly.


Maniaci stated this is a process of placing the fire levy on the ballot and tonight is the first step. Maniaci presented the following resolution, The Board of Township Trustees of Muskingum Township, Muskingum County, Ohio met in regular session on December 5, 2013, at the office of the township, with the following members present: Michael G. Maniaci, Matt Hittle.  Mr. Maniaci moved the adoption of the resolution declaring the necessity to levy a tax in excess of the ten-mill limitation, RC 5705.19, 5705.191, 5705.25, 5705.26 for the purpose of providing and maintaining fire and medical equipment, personnel and services. The levy shall be submitted to electors for approval on the May 6, 2014 ballot.  Adopted the 5th day of December 5, 2013.  Jason T. Baughman, Fiscal Officer of Muskingum Township, certified the foregoing is taken and copied from the record of the proceedings of said Township and directed to certify a copy of this resolution to the County Auditor of Muskingum County requesting that the County Auditor certify this Board the total current tax valuation of Muskingum Township and dollar amount of revenue generated annually by the two and five-tenths (2.5) mill levy.


Mr. Hittle seconded the resolution and the roll being called upon its adoption, the vote resulted as follows:

Michael Maniaci        ayed

Matt Hittle                  ayed



Mrs. Cohagen asked about getting the minutes updated on the website. Maniaci stated we would as issues with credit card has stalled this and would work on the updating.


Maniaci wanted to make mentioned that in an effort to keep our roads in as good condition as we can, preventative maintenance, we will be looking at some sort of crack-sealing for our roads in 2014. We will explore options available with the vendors while attending Columbus show this year. Mr. Fell indicated his driveway was recently crack-sealed and the seal dries instantly and should provide another 5-10 years out of the driveway.    


Maniaci stated the end of the year meeting will be held on Monday, December 30, 2013 at 7pm and the 2014 Re-Organizational meeting will be held on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 7pm.


Hittle moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Maniaci.  All ayed.



                                                Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer