Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio




May 1, 2014


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session May 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 2 residents present.


The April 3, 2014 Regular Minutes were read and Fell motioned to approve. Hittle second, Maniaci ayed.


The April 24, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes were read. Hittle motioned to approve. Maniaci seconded. Fell ayed.

Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Jeff Schlaegel on Dutch School Road inquired about the Plunkett & Clooney Case with the trustees. Jeff's stated his property adjoins to the Dutch School Road property and he was not notified of the case. Maniaci stated we just received a letter indicated were listed as a party on the case and closing the road but we had nothing to do with it. Jeff stated that he was interested in the access and right away to his property. Hittle stated he would talk with Porter about this and see what can be done.


Maniaci opened for old business.

Mrs. Cohagen asked about call out pay and how it figured into the overtime hours in their forty hour week.  Maniaci stated those 3 hours per the policy was outside of regular hours. Baughman clarified by stating that the call out pay is paid at whatever rate is in effect at the time they incur the 3 hours call out. However, the majority of the time the hours are earned outside of their regular eight hour day and falls into the overtime pay. Baughman indicated that this is one of the issues in the policy that he questions as the policy defines the work week as 40 hours beginning Sunday through Saturday and not per individual 8 hour days which conflicts with the definition of call out pay and how it is paid. This issue has been addressed and is defined in the new policy.    


Mrs. Cohagen stated that she noticed that the Frazeysburg Road property has been cleaned up and the van is gone.


Fell asked about the Time Warner bills and why there was two separate billings and if we could get these combined. Baughman indicated that he met with Time Warner last year about the contracts and we are currently under separate contracts with different terms and periods. There is one bill for the Township and one bill for the Fire Department and is charged accordingly to the appropriate funds and has never been an audit issue.


Hittle stated that he spoke with Curtis and Mr. Bruce Russi at 3175 Fairview regarding replacement of his mailbox. Brock's Welding is repairing the mailbox and will be fixing it as soon as we can.


Maniaci stated that this instance and issues with mailbox replacement is an example of our need to develop a policy identifying what and how much is an reasonable amount that is allowed in replacement of mailboxes and that conforms with specific height, location, types allowed per state and federal regulations. Maniaci stated that the trustees would work on writing up a policy to put in place and adopted with a resolution.


Maniaci opened for new business

Maniaci stated that we did not receive a Fire and EMS run report at the time of the meeting and would provide at the next meeting.


Mrs. Cohagen stated that Curtis has done an excellent job with patch work on Jones road, however at the end of Jones Road near Rt. 60 by the stop sign the road is caving in especially after this last rain we had and the trustees might want to take a look at it to see what can be done.


Fell indicated that he spoke with Curtis regarding a culvert on Melody Lane. The culvert wasn't draining and they can't find the end of the culvert and is needing fixed or replaced. Fell stated he spoke with the sewer department. The culvert was 60 feet from where it should be. Fell indicated to them it was there responsibility and cost and they should be replacing and not the township. Maniaci agreed.


Hittle stated that he spoke with gentlemen on Kenlo Woods about a plugged up culvert and we need to take a look at to fix.


Hittle stated with all the rain we have had here of late he has done a lot of checking of ditches around the township in particular Rollins, Vista and Northcrest and indicated that water looks to be flowing very good and has seen no signs of issues. Maniaci stated that this type of rain we have been having is not an issue and it's the heavy buckets of rain all at once that causes the problems with getting backed up and bigger culverts is not the solution but just keeping them clean and clear.


Maniaci stated he called the county regarding a damaged guardrail on Prior Road.


Hittle presented pictures he took of areas in the township with water flowing good with no signs of problems.


Maniaci stated that these pictures were areas of roads that we chip sealed and looks to be holding up very well.


Maniaci indicated that he spoke with Curtis about reducing our 400 ton of hot mix from last year to about 100 ton so we could focus more of our budget on chip seal and asphalt this year.


Maniaci indicated he believed that Schneider Lane is Cass Townships turn to chip seal this year and we did it the last time and it's their turn now.


Maniaci stated that we need to look at our miles for this year to chip seal and make a decision as to bidding it out or go with the county as they have historically came in better than anyone. 


Mrs. Cohagen asked when the last time Schneider Lane was done with the culvert. Maniaci indicated 2 years ago and the road still looks good.


Mrs. Cohagen stated that the chip seal done last year on Jones Road has held up very well. Maniaci stated we patched about 100 ton which helped to hold up the chip seal.


Hittle stated that applying more patching on roads with slopes and hills helps with keeping the roads chip seal from breaking down.


Hittle stated he was looking at a product called rolled compacted concrete which is rated for 8000 PSI and is cheaper than asphalt. Muskingum Iron and Metal has it and is looking into some estimates.


Baughman stated he received a call from Bev Lamaster on Terra Shores and she indicated that she was in a near accident from another vehicle that tried to pass on Fairview Road and asked about dotted passing lines still on Fairview. I told her I would bring up to the trustees to get with Falls or the county about addressing Fairview Road. Hittle stated he needed to talk with the County about the sign on Creamery and would address Fairview also.


Fell stated he spoke to County regarding the ditch on Bellevue and they would look at it.


Hittle moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Fell.  Maniaci ayed.


                                                                                    Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer