Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: March 1, 2012


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on March 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 11 residents present.


The minutes were read and approved.

Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci informed the residents that the Attorney fee for the lawsuit against Steve Fusner and Jerry Miller totaled over $44,000.00.  Our portion of that fee due by the township is $6,688.00.


Thelma Cohagen asked about the property on Creamery Road.  Trustees advised that the property owners are working on it at the time.  Property owner did speak with Matt Hittle in regards to burning some items, and Hittle advised him that he could.  Fusner stated there are other properties in our township that need attention.  That he went to a class at the township conference in regards to “Abatement Control and Removal of Vegetation, Garbage Debris and Refuge”.  Ohio Revised Codes 3767.41 and 505.87.  They advised to take dated pictures and pass a resolution for this section. 


Thelma Cohagen asked about the missing fire department equipment.  Maniaci received a list from Chief Johnson.  He informed Maniaci that all missing gear and radios have been turned in according to the list we had.  The only thing he is pursuing at this time is the missing projector, door lock system and personnel files.


Thelma asked if the salt bin roof had been repaired yet.  Hittle advised no it has not, but will be soon.  Maniaci advised we do have insurance to cover damage to the roof.


Maniaci advised that the signs for the trucks are in and look good. 


Maniaci stated in regards to the truck from R&L trucking that was in Kenlo Woods and did road damage, did reply back to our letter asking for reimbursement.  They informed trustees they will not pay for road damage because drive was in a housing development making an in-home delivery and there was no other alternate route available.  Fusner did call R&L back and left her a message advising we would be following up with our prosecuting attorney.  He will also send a letter to R&L’s insurance company.


Maniaci also advised when we had our sub-driver working on Conn Road spreading salt, he was hit head on by another vehicle.  No injuries.  State Patrol came and a report was made.  Insurance Companies have been contacted.  Curtis did get estimates.  There was damage to front bumper and fender.  One quote he did get back was for $3,600.  He is awaiting two additional quotes.


Maniaci spoke with Becky Mock Vansickle, Phil Mock’s daughter, in regards to Stagecoach Road.  She stated the person on the other side of the road purposely planted pine trees on the edge of the road.  And as they grow, every time we chip and seal or do something it is always being pushed over onto her property.  She did cut the trees down on that bank.  She thinks that he should be made to take those trees out and let the road go back over where it started out.  They spoke to the engineer about it and they were going to send someone out to look at it.  Maniaci did speak to him today, and they did send a guy out and they are questioning where the right-of-way line is and where the middle of the road belongs.  They are pursuing it at this time.


Maniaci said in regards to culvert on Gorsuch Road that he did speak to the wife of Chris Luthi and she advised that one section of it is really bad.  She stated her husband would take it out and put it back to a ditch.  Maniaci will pursue this if he doesn’t see any action in the near future.


Brian Williams had an issue the trustees need to take care of dealing with lined fences.  He was advised by the recorders office at the courthouse that one of his adjoining neighbor’s fences is reversed.  Looking at your lined fence, your neighbor is responsible for the right had side.  If he looks at his, it is the same way.  It needs to be recorded in the courthouse, because as it stands right now it was just a gentleman’s agreement made many years ago.  Williams’ neighbor is in agreement and will sign a paper stating this.  Fusner advised it may have to be submitted to the trustees in writing.  Fusner said he will get with Williams so they can go look at the fence.


Don Clark said the trustees need to contact Brady Johnson and see if they can get scored.  His insurance agent said we are still at the old ISO rating.   Maniaci said these are steps that Falls Township Fire Dept must take.  Maniaci stated they must rate and evaluate all 3 stations at one time and he will find out how long before this can be done.


Maniaci read the fire report for February:

     10 EMS runs        ART (avg. response time)     9:37 minutes

     2 Fire Emergency   ART                     12:34 minutes

     3 Non Emergency    ART                     12:12 minutes


Thelma Cohagen and others advised they would like to have the minutes back on the website.  All three trustees agreed.  Maniaci will put them back on.


Don Clark asked about getting the end of Powellson Road swept.  Maniaci will call the engineers office and check on this.


Maniaci discussed a new type of mixture called micro-seal, he thought might be good for our township that he seen while at the township conference. It is harder than asphalt and water doesn’t penetrate as well through it.  It would be approximately $30,000 a mile.  The cost of chip and seal is around about $7,000 a mile.  So it would be around $37,000 for this type of road.  He feels it is something we should look into this. This should last approximately 6-9 years and is only good on certain roads. Two representatives from this company will come to our township the week of March 12 and ride all of our roads and assess and rate them.  At the meeting in April they will present us with a proposal as to what they can do for the budget that we give them.


Mike also spoke with a Company rep from HEI-WAY in regards to cold mix.  They will deliver 22 tons for a minimum of $87.55 a ton.  MarZane charge $90.00 a ton.  Sidwells price is $110.00 a tone and we had to get it.  This company did offer us 20% off our first load.  All trustees agreed to try this company, they will deliver it.  Maniaci made the motion to accept this bid.  Hittle seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


Trustees had an open meeting in regards to roads, with the engineer at the Welcome Center. He gave them an agreement to sign in regards to roads because of the Shale Company and overweight permits.  This agreement would allow them to monitor and use permit fees for their monitoring.  It would be both theirs and our agreements when the roads got put back, that everybody would have to agree that the roads were in shape.  Trustees are not signing tonight, because it is being re-written. It will be ready next Friday and will look at it at the April meeting for signing.


A letter was received from the County Engineers office stating that the amount of road our township must maintain is 47.175 miles. 


Last year we did chip and seal with the county and Maniaci would like to make a motion to continue that again this year to let the county do our chip and seal.  Hittle seconded.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.   

Maniaci said that last year we bought our own limestone for the chip and seal, which we bid out.  He wanted to make a motion to put the stone, pea gravel and limestone, out for bid again.  He will get a letter of requirements to the fiscal officer to put in the paper for up to 1,500 ton of gravel.  Maniaci made the motion to bid out the stone for chip seal.  Hittle seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.   We did approximately 11 miles of road last year and used 4 tanks of emulsion.  We paid for 3 tanks and county paid for 1 tank from left over issue 1 money.  Maniaci made the motion to do approximately 11 miles of chip and seal.  Hittle seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed.  Fusner ayed.  Hittle ayed.


Maniaci advised we should put an ad in the paper advertising for mowing of cemeteries and township building.  Specs will be available by contacting the fiscal officer or one of the Trustees.  Fusner seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed. 


Fusner moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.






                          FISCAL OFFICER