Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: June 7, 2012


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on June 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 6 residents.


Bids were opened for 93 Ford 2500 Gallon Tanker and the 87 Chevy 1 Ton Mini Pumper. Four (4) bids were received for the 93 Tanker and three (3) bids were received for the 87 Mini Pumper.


Tanker Bids                       Mini Pumper Bids

-Clinton Keck $1,001.00           -Clinton Keck $795.50

-Curtis Salmons $1,213.00         -Curtis Salmons $853.00

-Kevin Matthews $3,366.01         -Kevin Matthews $1,566.01

-Darrin Jordan $6,600.00


Maniaci made a motion to accept Darrin Jordan’s bid for the Tanker of $6,600.00. Hittle seconded. Roll call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


Maniaci made a motion to accept Kevin Matthews bid for the Mini Pumper of $1,566.01. Hittle seconded. Roll call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


The regular minutes were read and approved.


The special minutes were read and approved.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci introduced Dan McCombs from Houston Insurance agency. Houston Insurance deals with Burnham Flowers OTARMA insurance for Muskingum Township’s property and liability. Mr. McCombs went over changes to our insurance which included dropping insurance liability for fire department since Falls Twp. takes care of it and dropping coverage on 93 Ford Tanker and the 87 Mini Pumper that was just sold.


Maniaci made motion to take off the Tanker and Mini Pumper that was just sold. Hittle seconed. All ayed.


Maniaci introduced Dave Hibner from Kinstle Sterling/Western Star Truck Center. Mr. Hibner discussed with the trustees and presented bid proposal for a Sterling/Western Star Dump Truck. The Western Star truck would be a replacement option for the township’s current 1997 International Dump Truck.  Mr. Hibner discussed details, recommendations and comparison of the Western Star truck bid vs. the ODOT State bid price. Mr. Hibner passed out handouts to the trustees that detailed out and compared the various options, variations and additions from the Western Star truck vs. the ODOD State bid truck. The Western Star truck bid was for $82,443 vs. the ODOT State bid of $88,047. The additional equipment options for the Western Star would be another $2,057. The total bid with options for the Western Star was $84,500 vs. ODOT State bid of $90,104. Western Star bid is $10,390 lower than the State bid.


Maniaci opened for old business.


Female resident ask about the minutes on the web site only including 2011 minutes and not 2012. Maniaci stated that only 2011 minutes and 2012 minutes except for April and May to-date. Maniaci would look to confirm the minutes are still on the website.


Fiscal Officer, Jason Baughman followed-up with Mrs. Cohagen questions about the taxability of insurance benefits at the May regular meeting. Baughman state per IRS Publication 15B Fringe Benefits, typically most fringe benefits are taxable but there are some exclusions. The list of exclusions includes health insurance benefits and is not subject to federal, Medicare, social security, federal unemployment and not included on W2. Baughman also indicated that there is a new Affordable Care Act that requires employers to include on employees W2, box 12, code DD the amount of insurance benefits that is paid for by the employer for informational purpose only. This Affordable Care Act is not yet law or required to-date. The exclusion of insurance taxability is for both employer paid insurance benefit or reimbursements for insurance benefits paid to the employee.


Mrs. Cohagen asked if this code reference the insurance benefits coming out of an employee’s salary or is specific to elected officials. Baughman stated the code doesn’t state or define any distinction.


Maniaci ask trustee about the engineer agreement regarding the repair and maintenance contract for our township roads due to the shale drilling trucks traveling on our roads. Due to waiting on OTARMA to work out another option and waiting to receive more facts the trustees agreed to table this issue to later date.


Maniaci addressed issue with Falls Township and JD Johnson. Maniaci stated he has been informed of the decision that was made and Falls Township ask him to not release this information to public at this time, however as trustees we are pleased with their decision and should be seeing something released in the newspaper soon from Falls Township.


Maniaci indicated that McClaslin road has been paved from Gorsuch Road to Swingle Drive, 1,400 ft, 2 lanes. Maniaci stated his conversation with Shelly & Sands and the original contract stated 900 feet however the measurement was inaccurate and Maniaci made decision to take the top coat from Harper Drive and add it to McClaslin plus another $80 for the other 300 feet.  


Maniaci read a list of roads to be chip sealed:

Dresden (Ellis to Rock Cut)

Beech Run (Rock Cut to Ellis)

Jones Road (Cassies Way to McGlade School Rd.)

New Riley (Back two tenths mile)

Fulton Road (Back two tenths mile)

Dutch School (Shannon to Cass Twp line)

Old Stage Coach (Shannon Valley to Licking Twp line)

Fawn (Shannon to Gorsuch)

Squirrel Lane (Fawn to End)


Maniaci stated Northern Place, although not our road yet, when McClaslin road was done the county patched and paved Northern Place. Mrs. Cohagen asked if observed this and if this came out of our budget. Maniaci stated that he did observe and no it didn’t come out of our budget.


Mr. Wint asked about Fulton Lane repairs. Mr. Wint stated there is 2 deep spots on Fulton Lane needing fixed before any paving is started. Maniaci stated that he Charley and Curtis is working on fixing this road before the 18th when the county is coming out to start chip-n-sealing this road. Ditches will be cleaned also once chip seal is completed.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about any follow-up on McCasslin road name. Fusner stated that this is up to the county. Maniaci stated unless resident raised issue to county this road name will remain the same.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about if the nuisance letters for the properties discussed at the May meeting have been sent. Fusner and Maniaci stated the 3 letters were sent and Todd and resident on route 60 responded and are working on the clean-up. The Vista View Market is tied up in bankruptcy and sheriff sale.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about the metal salt bin roof. Maniaci stated only the color of the roof has been discussed and at present time nothing has been scheduled but will follow-up.


Maniaci opened for new business.


Mrs. Cohagen stated that a township employee mowed over phone lines on Jones Road and was out of service for several hours. Cassies Way was also affected.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about why trustees are looking at new dump truck. Maniaci stated the current 97 Dump Truck is falling apart. The frame and springs are bad and the bed is rotting. The frame and front end is wearing out and shocks and are inching too close to the gas tank and is becoming too dangerous. The truck is to the point of un-repairable and concerns of safety issues with the truck.


Mrs. Cohagen asked if any due diligence has been done on the Micro Seal vendor (Mr. Hurst) that was introduced at the special meeting. Maniaci stated he has and presented a copy of a resolution obtained from ODOT’s web site and contacted Jim Schurch about the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program. Mr. Schurch indicated that we have to first, pass a resolution highlighting 5513.01 of ORC, and two, prepare letter to Jim Shurch stating that we passed a resolution and request use of Strauser Construction under the 101H-13 state contract.


Maniaci stated a list of roads were presented to Mr. Hurst of Terry Asphalt but has not heard back from him about them or attending this evenings meeting.


Mrs. Cohagen asked what we were looking at for this micro seal and budget. Maniaci stated that our budget for roads is approximately $250K. Maniaci stated that we will hold off tonight on a decision.


Maniaci indicated he received two visits about 5800 Dresden Road and the growing parking lot on the property with several cars located on property.


Maniaci read the fire report for March:

3 Fire Emergency   ART(avg. response time)      7:40 minutes

3 Non Emergency    ART                     8:37 minutes

18 EMS runs        ART                     5:40 minutes


Fusner indicated he received a call from a female resident who stated she was pleased with Falls Township service and saved her daughter’s life.


A Female resident asked trustees about ever praising Muskingum Township Fire department. Maniaci and Fusner stated that they have been praised several times in the past.


Mrs. Cohagen ask about sign damage on Kenlo Woods and if our responsibility. Maniaci stated not our responsibility.


Maniaci stated he was informed by our Fiscal Officer about our current Health Insurance will be increasing 30%. Baughman and Maniaci are working on getting other quotes including OTARMA for review. Mrs. Cohagen asked about inquiring on joining the counties insurance. Mrs. Cohagen stated that the county commissioners said that the township’s can get on the county’s policy. Most of the township’s refused the county’s offer to join their policy.  Maniaci stated we will look at all available options.  



Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.






                          Jason T. Baughman, FISCAL OFFICER