Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: July 26, 2012


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Special Meeting. Open bids for Asphalt paving of Northcrest Road and to review and approve health insurance options.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in special session on July 26, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  Trustees Steve Fusner, Matt Hittle and fiscal officer were present. Mike Maniaci was unable to attend as he was out of state for his employer stuck in traffic. There were 2 residents present and Kevin West from the Shelly Company present.


The special meeting was called to open bids for asphalt paving of Northcrest Road and Kingswood Circle, Winfield Circle, and Coachlite Circle. The special meeting was also called to discuss and approve health insurance options.


Paving bids were opened and read by Steve Fusner.


Bid Proposal A – Road Name: Northcrest Rd., From Richvale Rd., to .5 miles (.050 miles x 20ft x1.5 inch) 448T1 Asphalt.


495 Tons, 495 asphalt concrete, type 1, surface course, furnished hauled, spread and rolled, 1.5 inch avg. and 585 gallons of 407 asphalt tack coat, furnished and applied (.1 gal sq. yd.)


Shelly Company: Total Bid: $41,359.50


Birkhimer Asphalt:  Total Bid: $39,923.55


Bid Proposal B – Road Name: Northcrest Rd., From Richvale Rd., to .5 miles(.50 miles x 20ft x 1.5 inch) 448T1 Asphalt to and including:

Road Name: Kingswood Circle, From Northcrest to end (.07 miles x20’ x 1.5 inch) 448T1 Asphalt.

Road Name: Winfield Circle, From Northcrest to end (.10 miles x 20’ x 1/15 inch) 448T1 Asphalt.

Road Name: Coachlite Circle, From Northcrest to end (.24 miles x 20’ x 1.5 inch) 448T1 Asphalt.


Shelly Company: Total Bid: $72,992.50


Birkhimer Asphalt: Total Bid: $73,379.55


Hittle made a motion to table the acceptance of bids until next regular scheduled meeting so the road and bridge budget could be reviewed again and to decide on option A or B based on our available road and bridge fund. Fusner seconded. All ayed.


Fusner opened discussion for approval of health insurance options.


Fiscal Officer Baughman provided trustees with health insurance premium renewal options and quotes received from Rankin & Rankin Insurance and Miller Lynn Insurance. Rankin & Rankin provided quotes from Aetna and Miller Lynn provided quotes from Medical Mutual. Baughman stated that additional quotes were requested from Jeff Cashman of Wichert Insurance, however per Mr. Cashman’s email provided stated that he was still working on quotes and were not available at the time of the special meeting.


Baughman stated that he needed the trustees to approve a plan option to continue coverage. Baughman stated that our current plan under Aetna was renewing at an increase of 37% and trustees needed to decide if they wanted to renew the current plan at this increase or choose another plan option with a higher deductible, max out of pocket, and co-pay to off-set some of the premium increase. Baughman stated after his conversations with Charlie Brenner at Miller Lynn, the best options were to stay with the current carrier Aetna as most all of the premium options quoted with Medical Mutual were slightly higher than that of Aetna.


Baughman stated that we have to decide on a plan and payment this month to renew our insurance coverage. Baughman stated that we are max penalty rated therefore regardless of what carrier Rankin, Miller Lynn or Wichert quotes our premiums will be the same regardless of the broker. We will receive the max premium with every carrier that is quoted. Baughman stated the plan is month-to-month so if Wichert comes back later with other carriers than Aetna or Medical Mutual and is less expensive we can re-evaluate the plans at that time and choose the best available plan but as for now we have to at least choose a plan option so we can make the premium payment to avoid any lapse in coverage.


Fusner made a motion to choose the health insurance plan option, Aetna, Ohio Health Network with the $500 deductible option and to re-evaluate health insurance options as plan options are received from Wichert. The $500 deductible option will save 15% of the projected 37% premium increase.  Hittle seconded. All Ayed. Roll Call: Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed. 



Fusner moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.






                          Jason T. Baughman, FISCAL OFFICER