Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio

July 2011 minutes





DATE: July 7, 2011


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on July 7, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.


The minutes of the June 2, 2011 meeting were read and approved.

Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Lynn Sellars stated that in the written request for fire reports that she asked for she wanted reports from the fire department that Chief Lowe or John Benson turned in and that there was only one report in the bunch that she received.  She is making a request for the other reports that were turned in.  Jerri Newell advised Sellars that she felt she gave her copies of everything she requested that was in the file.  But if she wanted to look through the file, we could set up a time to do that.  Sellars said she would call Newell and set up a time.


Jerry Miller asked if Mike Maniaci had gotten any prices on the mini pumper, Chevy one ton.  Maniaci said he did not.  Miller said he was all for putting an ad in the paper to sell it.


Brian Williams wanted to know what the trustees plan is if the fire levy doesn’t pass and Falls Township decides to no longer go with the contract.  Trustees informed Williams that we still must provide fire coverage, that we don’t have to have a township fire department, only to provide fire coverage.  Maniaci said we would rely on mutual aid from other departments.  Thelma Cohagen stated that if the levy doesn’t pass, it will cost the residents an additional $100 to $300 a year or more on their homeowner’s insurance premium, with no fire department coverage.  If the levy does pass it won’t cost even $50.00 and on a house valued at $500,000 will cost them approximately $199.00.


Miller made the motion to put the Chevy one-ton mini pumper up for bid with the right to accept or reject any/or all bids.  Maniaci seconded.  All ayed.


Maniaci asked about the contract with Waste Management.  The fire dept. advised they don’t need a dumpster of that size.  Curtis Salmons said they could downsize and use one of those roll out trash cans.  Jerri Newell advised she will speak with Waste Management to check on prices or penalty charges should we cancel our contract, and also check with Ace, J & J Refuse and Big O for prices.


Maniaci stated they still haven’t boared Dutch School Road yet.


Jerry Miller advised there were two trustees from Cass Township here at our meeting to discuss Schneider Lane.  There is a plugged pipe and requires a 36” pipe to replace existing one that is causing the road to deteriorate.  There was a bid received from Scurlock Excavating for labor and equipment of $9,200.  Zemba submitted a bid for labor and included backfill material of $6,876.  We are willing to supply the trucking by using Cass Township and Muskingum Township.  Both townships will provide the pipe (4 sections totaling 80 ft) and the trucking.  Cass Township stated that they approved Zemba’s bid at their township meeting.  Cass Township will pay half of the cost and Muskingum Township pay the other half.  Miller made the motion to accept Zemba’s bid, Fusner seconded. Roll call, Fusner, ayed, Maniaci ayed and Miller ayed.  Miller stated that Curtis Salmons got a price for the pipe for $574 a section for a total cost of approximately $2400.00. Fred Schneider stated that he would like to have ½ of the stone that comes out of the culvert.  Maniaci said we would need to use those stones for the base of the road. Zemba’s advised trustees that they will have the job completed in one day.


Mike Maniaci brought up the drainage problem on Welsh Road where the resident covered up a ditch and therefore it does not allow the water to drain properly and could possibly harm the road.  Said that he had spoke with Harry Huey, who covered the culvert with dirt after we had opened it up, that he is not in favor of letting us access his land to drain the culvert that crosses Welsh.  Maniaci presented a resolution to the board that had been drafted by the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney that we can use to enable the trustees to access his land.  Maniaci said he met with the County Engineer today and said they came up with a plan that might be a little better for the property owner.  A fence line runs down the property and by bringing the two culverts to run into that fence line then running the ditch down the fence line.  Therefore, not changing the layout of his open fields on either side of the fence.  That proposal is going to be presented to the Huey’s and his daughter whose land also borders that property.  Maniaci said he would like to work out an agreement with Mr. Huey, but if we cannot come to an agreement with Mr. Huey and his daughter, that we could pass this resolution and present it to them.  Maniaci read the resolution, amended it to read Harry E. Huey at 6315 Winterwood Drive, Nashport and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Havens, 6355 Winterwood Drive, Nashport, and then made the motion to accept it.  The fiscal officer will give notice to the County Engineer and the owners at 6315 Winterwood Drive and 6355 Winterwood Drive a copy of this resolution by sending it certified mail or it can be hand delivered between July 12, 2011 and July 31, 2011. Fusner seconded.  Fusner ayed, Maniaci ayed and Miller ayed. 


Jerry Miller came up with a list of roads the trustees were looking at chip and sealing.  These roads would be Fawn Drive, Squirrel Lane, Dutch School Road, Stagecoach, Prior, Cranberry, Dresden, Beech Run Road, Jones Road and Kenlo Woods.  That would be just a little over 11 miles. 


Steve Fusner stated he had a report number 60-612-60 from the Ohio State Highway Patrol for the damage that was done by a trucking company to try to re-coop some of the cost for the damage they did to Kenlo Woods road. 


Thelma Cohagen asked about removing the large sand stone at the end of Jones Road and Rt. 60.  Someone has hit it and looks like it could fall out into the road.


Miller said he would like to bid out blacktopping Wilson Lane, Gorsuch Road from Wilson Lane to Rt. 60 and possibly Carolina down to Babbs Road and out to Virginia to Rt. 60.  He would like this to be bid out in 3 separate bids.  Maniaci made the motion to bid out this blacktopping.  Miller seconded.  Miller also wanted it listed that the trustees have the right to accept or reject any/or all bids.  That the bids will be opened at a special meeting. Depending on when the bid notice will appear in the paper would depend on when the special meeting would be held.  Notice of meeting will be put in the newspaper and on the sign out in front of the township hall.


Maniaci stated that Fusner spoke with Jeff Schlaegel who lives on Dutch School Road.  Schlaegel advised that he has mowed the cemetery behind his house three times and would like reimbursed.  Schlaegel informed Fusner that the money was not the issue; he just wanted the cemetery mowed more often.  Miller said Jim Untied is only required to mow each cemetery twice a month. 


Miller wanted to bring everyone up to date on what the road crew has been working on the past month, with all the water issues. Fusner went out on a drainage problem on Rollins Drive, there was a slide on Ellis Dam Road where it blocked a 1/3 of the road and was cleaned up, a large culvert by the William’s residence on Ellis Dam Road  that debris came out of the Curtis residence property across the road where he shoved trees in the creek and plugged up the pipe.That was cleaned up.  Trees were down on Vroom, Dresden, Gorsuch, Rock Cut, Prior and Chug Run.  Also culverts plugged up on Jones Road and Fawn Drive.  Zemba brought their vac-truck out and got those cleaned out.


Miller also advised that he ordered a dead end sign on Lisa Kim requested by Jim Clegg and a road sign for Prior Road and Rock Cut to replace missing ones. 


Fusner said that he received a phone call from Don Madden in regards to the drainage issue at the home at the corner of Creamery Road and Saad Court where the ditch along Saad Court needs cleaned out.  The resident would like that ditch cleaned out and didn’t know who to call so he contacted Don Madden. 


Miller said the resident at the corner of Gorsuch and Georgia has the same issue.  His ditch needs cleaned out due to the phone company putting dirt in the ditch when doing repairs.


Maniaci said he received a call from Joe Wagner on New Riley Road and Mr. Wagner informed him that the ditches were cleaned out on Slate Ridge Road, which is not our road, and apparently everything they cleaned out came through the culvert across the road and into his ditch and he would like to have that cleaned out.  Also the resident beside Mr. Wagner on the corner had the end of his driveway washed out again from water coming over those culverts and would like some gravel to replace what was washed out.  Miller advised that we don’t put stone on driveways.  Fusner had paperwork from the county stating that the driveway culverts are the responsibility of the landowner.


Miller said Falls Township Fire Dept Inc. is sponsoring a Chicken-Bar-BQ and open house August 7th, 2011.  There will be American Red Cross here, someone from Genesis, Smokehouse, ODNR, view equipment that is here, and other things.


Miller read the fire report submitted from Falls Twp Fire Dept. for last month:

     14 EMS Runs        AVT (avg response time) 7:47

      1 Run last night                          6:00


Miller and Fusner attended a meeting with the County Township Association last night to discuss the Ohio Governmental Aggregation.  It was discussed about putting this on the ballot where AEP residents can vote to be part of a group program where they would save 3% on their electric bill.  There are two parts to the electric bill, one for the transmission and one for the generation.  So it would only be 3% on half of the bill and must be approved on the ballot by the township.  The County Commissioners are willing to be the liaison for this which is put on by the Palmer Energy Company.  It is counties, cities and municipalities serviced by AEP.  In our township there is an average of 1805 homes and 650 eligible for enrollment.  There is revenue that would come into the township of $438 a year.  Of that $438 the county gets $146.21, the township would get $146.00 and CCAO (County Commissioners Association of Ohio) revenue gets $146.00.  Thelma Cohagen stated it would cost more than that to put it on the ballot this year. They want the trustees to go out and campaign for this to be put on the ballot, pass a resolution and have two open town meetings by advertising which would come out of our money and have all paperwork submitted to the Board of Elections by August 10th.  Miller said it was brought up at the meeting what if we were to put it on the spring ballot. They advised that there is grant money available, $10.00 per electric meter that would be given to the county commissioners.  But by putting this on the ballot in the spring, that grant would not be available.  There is no guarantee that the township would get any of this money, it would be the discretion of the County Commissioners where that money would go.  We would be locked into this program for 3 years.  Eric Wasson said if AEP is giving us $100 a year approximately and there is a third party soliciting to do this, there is something in it for them. All trustees were in agreeance that they are not going to participate in this program. 


Miller wanted it known again that the public records policy is posted in all four of the township property buildings and has been posted for quite some time.  It was noted in the minutes of the re-organizational meeting that the policy was posted.


Maniaci had taken pictures of a driveway that he showed to the other trustees of a new chip & seal machine that Sidwell Bros. uses.  He does have a price but not with him at this time.


Fusner spoke with Mr. Moyer who is building a home on Conn Road.  He asked trustees about a catch basin to tie two ditches together and wants the township to pay for it.  Trustees are not opposed to the catch basin, but we will not pay for the concrete.


Miller moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Maniaci.  All ayed.





                          JERRI A NEWELL, FISCAL OFFICER