Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio




July 3, 2014



Regular Meeting.



The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session July 3, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building. 



Trustees Mike Maniaci, Matt Hittle, Ed Fell and Fiscal Officer Jason Baughman were in attendance.

There were 1 residents present.



American Pavements - Crack Seal Proposal

Roads: Cassie Way, Chloe, Eagle Point, Lisa Kim, Chardon, Price, Heritage, Heather Green, Forest Park, Glenwood, Cyprus, Oak Ridge.

Bid: $19,000


Shelly Company - Asphalt Paving

Manchester: $31,087.80

Hampton: $45,281.00

Melody: $34,626.10

Water Cress: $24,038.80

All 4 Roads: $110,646.96


Shelly Materials - Aggregate Bid

1500 tons 208 - #8 Limestone - Delivered - $20.75 ton

1500 tons 108 - #8 Gravel - Delivered - $15.75 ton


Maniaci indicated due to lack of bids and motioned to table the bid acceptance or rejection and re-post in the paper to generate additional bids.

Maniaci indicated that after meeting with Zack Helm from Strauser and looking at our roads good for onyx and crack seal have changed mind on the roads to consider onyx, crack seal, chip-seal or asphalt. Zack Helm indicated that Rollins, Oakwood North examples of best candidates for crack seal and onyx and others such as Virginia, Georgia, Carolina, Babes, are in bad shape, base problems, and just should chip seal them even if over asphalt.



The June 5, 2014 Regular Minutes were read.

Maniaci stated the mailbox referenced was on Jacks Fairway and not Fairview.

Fell motioned to approve minutes as adjusted. Hittle seconded. Maniaci ayed.


Hittle indicated might want to talk with Chris Mitchell. He has a process where he re-uses/re-melts asphalt and each pack gets 10 times / 75% stronger and we may look at some areas to patch with this process.


Hittle stated that he had looked into the roller compact concrete option mentioned at a previous meeting and is just too expensive to consider at this time.



Checks were approved and signed for payment.

Maniaci wanted to state for the record that he mistakenly used the township Century National Bank card instead of his when getting gas the other day and is presenting a check to Fiscal Officer Baughman to reimburse the $50.91 gas charge.




Hittle confirmed with Fell that there was nothing we could do regarding the noise issue on Harper Drive.


Hittle indicated he spoke with Doug Davis in regards to Cliff Murphy on Harper Drive and Mr. Murphy wanting to grade his driveway and build in culvert or box drain outside of his garage.


Hittle indicated that there is a culvert caving in on Hampton Court and asked Curtis to take a look at to see if it is repairable.


Fell indicated that the culvert on Melody Lane was cut in half and it is thee and replaced by the Fire Dept.



Fell indicated Mr. Hershberger needs a culvert replaced and would get with Curtis on this.


Fell indicated that Mr. Cotterman, Glenn Willow, has a mud issue that is filling up next to his house and there is no vegetation to stop it and need to take a look at it.


Fell indicated he received a call from Mr. Richard Greiner, Vista Apt., stating that he has had 3 emergency calls with an A.R.T. of 15 minutes. Maniaci stated that we could verify it with the run reports.


Maniaci reported Fire & EMS run report for June.

4          Fire Emergency Runs             A.R.T. (Avg. Response Time)            8:39

24        EMS Runs                               A.R.T. (Avg. Response Time)            8:49 (dispatch to scene)


Hittle indicated that John Williams, Brother Brian Williams, wants to extend his culver with a piece of existing culvert he has. Curtis stated that the culver is rusted out. Hittle will contact Mr. Williams about the culvert options.


Fell indicated that David Hittle of My Drive wants to extend his culvert and add a basin. Not sure if he wants to do it himself or hire someone. Maniaci indicated we don't typically put basins in and he can do it as long as it is done right and not in our policy to put basins in.


Maniaci indicated that the handbooks has been delivered to trustees, fiscal officer and employees and will be in place.


Maniaci presented and motioned the following resolution, 7-3-2014 Mailbox Policy, If damages occurring from Snow Removal and other mishap's during Muskingum Township authorize work, and determined Township responsibility, said policy will be that the Township will administer up to $50 towards the purchase of an acceptable mailbox, installation not provided unless determined and approved by the trustees. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Maniaci indicated that Mr. Schleagal won his case to keep his road open adjacent to his property.


Maniaci indicated that he spoke with Chris Zemba about Jones/Rt 60 culvert Mrs. Cohagen had addressed. Zemba is taking care of this by replacing the culvert.


Maniaci addressed Gorsuch Road guard rail issue. The right hand side of the guard rail came off. Trustees will look at the options and discuss with Curtis.


Maniaci indicated Stagecoach Road/Fulton Road prep work for chip-seal is half done.


Maniaci presented National Gas Easement. Hittle stated we just need to approve and is no rush as they are still waiting on Mr. Moore to release easement on his end. Maniaci motioned to approve easement. Fell seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Maniaci spoke with Troy Balderson about getting some grant money to pave Ellis Dam Road. The estimate is about $43,000 and presented trustees with email correspondence requested from Troy.


Maniaci asked trustees if we want to decide on asphalt estimate of $110, 000 or any crack seal tonight if we can afford it and asked Fiscal Officer Baughman about funds available. Baughman indicated that he would have to look into it more but initial thoughts are that asphalt not in budget without reductions to other fund appropriations.  


Maniaci stated that we could re-submit the bids for crack seal and have a special meeting to open the bids and accept or reject. Trustees agreed to hold Special Meeting to open and accept or reject crack seal bids on July 21, 2014 at 6pm.

Maniaci stated since we are going to re-submit bids, Maniaci motioned to reject all bids received today for the slip repair, and crack seal. Fell seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Maniaci also wanted to motion to accept the aggregate bid received by Shelly Materials. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.



Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Fell. Hittle ayed. 


                                                                                    Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer