Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio



February 5, 2015


The Muskingum Township Trustee met in regular session on February 5, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the Fire Building.



Trustees: Mike Maniaci, Matt Hittle, Ed Fell.

Fiscal Officer: Jason Baughman.

Residents:  5 resident in attendance.



The December 29, 2014 End of year meeting minutes were read and approved.

The January 5, 2015 Re-Organizational meeting minutes were read and approved.

The January 5, 2015 Records Commission meeting minutes were read and approved.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.




Lowes Grant: Maniaci followed-up on the Lowes Grant application with Ed Winaught for a generator. Maniaci completed the paperwork for the application and just need to include our W9 from Fiscal Officer Baughman. Maniaci will inquire with Ed Winaught about appropriate size and pricing that would support our effort toward making our township buildings an emergency shelter.


Snow Plowing: Maniaci indicated that Troy is coming along slowly on his plowing routes and the Matt and Ed agreed that they would get Charlie out with Troy on his routes to train and work with him a little more.


Public Records: Maniaci indicated he finished the 3 hour public records training at the Columbus Township conference.




Fire & EMS Run Reports: January 2015.

Fire Runs:       1          Emergency                  A.R.T.             19:00

                        1          Non-Emergency         A.R.T.             11:00

                        1          Other                           A.R.T.             5:29

EMS Runs:      1 run    (dispatch to scene)      A.R.T.             9:38


Falls Township:

Maniaci indicated Mark Brown from Falls are focused on moving toward a fire district and beginning here in 2015 they are bring someone in to do a study and proposal on the fire district.


2012-2013 Audit:

Maniaci stated he attended the closing meeting for our 2012-2013 Township Audit with our Fiscal Officer and the Auditor up in Cambridge. Our Audit resulted in a clean audit with zero findings and congratulated our Fiscal Officer Baughman on his work and the results.



Century Link:

Maniaci presented application from Century Link for trustees authorization of allowing permit for work on buried service wires located and across Prior Road. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Buckeye Trail:

Maniaci presented letter received from Michele Heyer from Buckeye Hills Hocking Valley Regional Development Council, regarding extending Muskingum Recreational Buckeye trail running south of Rock Cut Road and our support. Maniaci motioned to support this portion of the trail running through our township. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


County Recorder:

Maniaci presented a letter from County Recorder indicating changes to O.R.C. 723.4 and 723.5 involving changes to road name changes and vacating or narrowing of streets.


Health Department:

Maniaci indicated letter received about completing annual back flow testing. Maniaci indicated Curtis and Professional Plumbing has already completed this.


Annual Mileage:

Maniaci read and trustees certified annual road mileage received from County Engineer certifying our annual road inventory. The total mileage is 47.362 miles.


Curtis Salmons:

Curtis indicated that he will need to have some additional surgery on his rotator cuff and will be out for some time again and we would need to work around and cover him with the roads and plowing as he is off.


TIF: Maniaci indicate an email received inquiring about the effect of TIF's (Transportation Improvement Funding) in our township. Maniaci indicated that there is no TIF that we are aware of.


Annual Meeting with County Engineer:

Manaici stated he is still waiting on information our scheduled time to meet with County Engineer about our Type 1 and Type 2 funds for 2015.


Shared Services:

Commissioner Porter discussed shared services. He referenced a David Brann that was at the Ohio Township Conference discussing county and township relationships and shared service between them. These counties and townships share road and maintenance services on roads that they cross. This is a cost effective trade-off and something everyone should discuss and look into.



Maniaci indicated they would look into and discuss more at next meeting about rejuvenator of roads for 2015 after meeting with the Engineer. Commissioner Porter asked if they were aware of Public Works, District 18 money for these types of projects and should explore this avenue as other alternatives of funding for projects like these and use of Type 1 and Type 2 funds.


Salt Supply:

Mrs. Cohagen inquired about our salt supply. Maniaci indicated that we are loaded, still approximately 200 tons available.


Mastic Surface Treatment:

Maniaci indicated another road surface we will look into is the Mastic Surface Treatment which runs approximately $1.25 to $1.55 square yard.

Jay Butler:

Hittle stated that Jay Butler stated the owner of the apartments on Baabs Road was inquiring and wants to build more apartments and about zoning in our township which Hittle stated that we had no zoning in our township.


Cell Phone Policy:

Hittle indicated that Troy was inquiring on cell phones. Maniaci stated and motioned that we adopt another policy for cell phone where we reimburse township road employees of $40 per month reimbursement and will turn in copy of their cell phone receipt for support of payment received for the Fiscal Officer's records. Hittle seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Chardon Residents and Storage Units:

Mrs. Cohagen asked if anything has been determined with the storage units on Chardon. Maniaci stated they have an association and would have to address any legal motions themselves. Commissioner Lacy indicated that if they have an association and it is on record with the recorder and as long as they as the association continue to renew and not let restriction expire then they could move on this and must abide by the restrictions set forth in the association.


Fund Balance Carryover Policy:

Maniaci stated that we need to adopt a Fund Balance policy per our Audit. Maniaci motioned that we adopt Fund Balance Policy stating that any Fund Balance Carryover will be appropriated first from general fund with no restrictions. Fell seconded. Roll Call: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Commissioner Porter asked Maniaci how he could make a motion being president of the board. Maniaci indicated that per O.R.C. board of trustees is just considered a 3 person board. The president of board of trustees is merely a title and just acts as trustee like the others.


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.



                                                                                    Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer