Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio

Dec. 2011 minutes





DATE: December 1, 2011


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on December 1, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were nine residents present.


The minutes were read and approved.

Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Lynn Sellars wanted to congratulate the two newly elected officials.  She also made a short statement in regards to the previous fire department. 


Mike Maniaci stated that the yard on Creamery Road he feels is in pretty good order, other than a couple of junk cars.  Do the trustees still want to go forward with sending these people out a letter?  Miller stated that the backyard is where all the junk is.  Fusner said it is really bad.  Miller stated we should proceed with this.  Maniaci said he does have a letter formed by Bud Chess that can be sent out to the residents.  So before the letter is drawn up, Maniaci will research who all is on the deed and/or has a lien on the property so letters can be sent to them as well. 


Maniaci advised that in regards to Northern Place Road he went to the Engineers Office and gave them the map which apparently is not a Platt, but just a map.  He did have a Platt for it.  He will get all the paperwork together, but he will need a resolution from us, saying what was in the minutes that we will take over the road providing everything is done accordingly. And Maniaci asked for the specifications we had as far as not taking over certain things.  Maniaci drew up a resolution #2011-12-1 and read this aloud.  This resolution is for the trustees to give to the engineer that we will maintain the road if they take it over.  Maniaci made the motion to accept this resolution.  Miller seconded.  Roll Call:  Miller ayed.  Maniaci ayed.  Fusner ayed. 


Maniaci said he and Fusner checked on the drainage problem on Rollins Drive and they did not see any issues at this time.  There has been about 3 days of rain in a row and neither one of the trustees has seen any issues as far as how the water is draining.  The road drains fine and the culverts are draining fine.  At this time Maniaci said he does not recommend taking any further action.  Fusner said his only concern is that we do not allow property yard enclosures to be any less than a 12 inch pipe 20 ft section with a catch basin every 20 foot.  This has a 4 inch pipe in it and it should be removed and maybe that would allow more water to go down through the culverts.  Maniaci said they will look into have the people remove that pipe.


Maniaci presented the resolution for the sign replacement and maintenance program in place for the township.  The States website has one that they have said would be good for townships.  It implements our sign maintenance to use older people over age 60 at night to see the reflectivity of signs while driving in an SUV.  They will be changing out stop signs before 2015.  All signs before 2018.  Township would be divided into three zones, which would be according to precincts.  Resolution states that by January 15, 2012 there must be a list of signs, which we already have.  Resolution states we will inspect zone 1 by April 15th, zone 2 by July  15th, and zone 3 by October 15, 2012 to decide which signs need to be changed and will change them accordingly.  Some have already been changed.   Also in this packet are two types of inspection sheets.  Appendix A or appendix B.  Trustees chose the portrait format.  The map will be appendix B and the visual nighttime inspection method is appendix C.  Maniaci made the motion to accept this maintenance and replacement program.  Miller seconded.  Roll Call:  Miller ayed.  Maniaci ayed.  Fusner ayed. 


Thelma Cohagen asked what is the procedure for a resident to let trustees know about notifying residents of their property issues.  Trustees stated it should probably be brought up in a meeting and in the minutes and trustees would drive by to see if they are in agreeance.  She stated the little house across from the Greens Tea Room on route 60 is really bad.  Fusner said sometimes the Health Department can be notified and they will come out and inspect. 


Fusner stated that a gentleman on Vista View Drive contacted him in regards to two lots on Vista View Drive that have not been mowed.  It is owned by Dot.Com Investments, Crooksville and Dan Todd owns two other lots.  He owns parcel 44360154 and 44360155.  Fusner advised him that chances are they probably will not get mowed this time of year but we could approach this next spring. 


Fusner also said the culvert issue on 4035 Gorsuch Road the resident did try to do the right thing by putting a 12” pipe with the catch basin but the pipe has floated to the top of the ground.  So we need to address this and have him install it properly.  Resident is Chris Lesi. 


Steve Fusner stated that the issue we had in Kenlo Woods with the damage done to the road by a big truck has been discussed with Bud Chess.  Bud advised Fusner to type up a letter as to what we are looking for as far as the amount of the damage done.  Fusner stated we can send a letter to R & L Transport as the accident report does show their driver was negligent.  This total reflects the damage to the whole road in the amount of $7500.00.  Maniaci made the motion to send this letter out with the amended verbiage.  Miller seconded.


Maniaci said they have been talking about getting signs for the trucks so people would know who they are.  Kessler’s drew up a couple samples and one from Straight Line – Dave Llewellyn.  Maniaci said he liked Kessler’s design a little better and it was a little cheaper.  Straight Line’s quote was $70 per truck and Kessler’s was $56 a truck.  Fusner asked if this would make our insurance go up, because many years ago he was advised it would.  But it might have changed over the years.  Maniaci said he would check with our insurance company.  Maniaci said he would like to have it in the shape of our township. 


Maniaci said the trucks have got some new tires on them, and new chains and oils have been changed and they are ready to go.


Maniaci asked if we have a job application on file for any new guys that might help to push snow this season.  Maniaci said he spoke with Bud Chess and he advised he didn’t think they have to pay their portion of OPERS unless they want to.  Newell stated she spoke with someone at OPERS and they informed her they do have to pay into OPERS but can get this money returned back to them by filling out proper paperwork.


Maniaci advised that the lady that has been doing our website has been a little lax in the dates and things.  She contacted Maniaci today and stated that he could take it over.  She gave him the password.  There are some things he would like to change.


Miller read the run reports from Falls Township Fire Department.

          14 EMS runs for ART   7:59 minutes


Miller brought up an issue about some previous fire department members, one being Trenton McCarty has posted on his Facebook page that some of his responses that he has been communicating via facebook has a picture of some firemen watching a house burn and his wording is “This is Mtfd just watching Jerry Miller’s house burn”.  Another response on McCarty’s page was “Well the voters slayed the demon by voting in a new trustee and fiscal officer but they screwed up by continuing to support the fire levy why do they want to support a terrorist organization?”  And there was a jiffy pop popcorn container hanging on a wall that he made the comment that says “That’s how al-quada (Falls) knows there is a fire”.  Miller said he thinks this should be in the minutes because that is a big reason as to why we no longer have Muskingum Township Volunteer Fire Department even though some people think we need to.  Miller said he has brought it to the attention of the Prosecuting Attorney and the Sheriff’s Office. 


Thelma Cohagen stated she asked Miller specifically in regards to the emergency run for Roger it was listed as 9 minutes and something.  She said from the time they hung up the phone their clock said it was 7:30 minutes.  Miller said according to dispatch it was 9:30 minutes to that run.  Patty Bishard said they did a heck of a job.


Lynn Sellars advised that when she talks to the people of the township like she did, they are not happy with the loss of their fire department.  Fusner asked her if they knew the truth.  Sellars stated yes they do know the truth; she did not lie to them.  Fusner never said she lied, he read the deposition, and he was there.  And Miller said it was in the deposition that there were mis-truths on her part.  Fusner said he had letters from people that went to the lawyer that said she mis-led them.


Patty Bishard said her suggestion would be that it is a mute point now and to avoid running the tape that doesn’t need to be ran.  If there are individuals that have issues, let them go hire to an attorney and go through the proper channels on their own and quit wasting the residents tax money.


Miller said he has an amendment to the fire contract he presented.  It has been worked out with Falls Township.  It is to extend the contract with Falls until the end of the levy, since the levy was passed.  Miller read the contract and made the motion to extend this contract out until the end of the fire levy in 2017.  Maniaci seconded.  Roll Call:  Miller ayed.  Maniaci ayed.  Fusner ayed. 


Miller said there is still the issue with the missing equipment, projectors, and radios.  Fusner made the motion to move forward with this, to request a full investigation and have Sheriff Matt Lutz do what he needs to do.  Miller seconded.  All ayed. 


The next township meeting will be held December 29th, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.  The re-organization meeting will be held January 1st, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.


Maniaci made the motion to go into executive session for the purpose the same as last meeting.  Item #4 which reads:  Reason for executive session preparing for conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment.   Fusner seconded.  Roll Call:  Fusner ayed.  Maniaci ayed.  Miller ayed.  Maniaci’s motion would be to include the new township trustee Matt Hittle as a guest.   Hittle said he already did some checking into this today to make sure it is legal. 


Miller made the motion to go back into regular session.  Maniaci seconded.  Roll Call:  Miller ayed.  Fusner ayed.  Maniaci ayed.


Patty Bishard asked that all the personnel files also to be included in the investigation of the missing items from the Muskingum Township Fire Department.


Newell advised trustees about a lady who was here from Illinois checking into her great-great grandfather who is buried in Sherrod’s Chapel Cemetery.  While here she was hoping to get the key to the gate so she could see his grave site.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to make the proper connection to do so.  She had read previous minutes from our website which addressed the Eagle Scout doing work in Sherrod’s Chapel Cemetery.  She then sent a letter to the township asking for the Eagle Scout’s name and phone number and wanted to know if we could put a new headstone on her great-great grandfather’s grave.  Newell did email her this information and she also wanted Newell to forward her phone numbers on to the trustees.  Newell gave Maniaci the lady’s phone number and he said he would call and see what she wanted. 


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Miller.  All ayed.






                          JERRI A NEWELL, FISCAL OFFICER