Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio





DATE: December 27, 2011


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on December 27, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 14 residents present.


Minutes were read and corrected to read “Fusner said his only concern is that we do not allow property yard enclosures to be any less than a 12 inch pipe 20 ft section with a catch basin every 40 foot from catch basin.  Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci made the motion to go into executive session for item #4 which reads: Reason for executive session preparing for conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment.  He also wanted to invite the two township workers, Curtis Salmons and Charles Mattingly to go into executive session with the trustees.  Jerry Miller seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed.  Miller ayed.  Fusner ayed. 


Miller motioned to come back from executive session into the regular meeting.  Maniaci ayed.  Fusner ayed.  Miller ayed. 


Fusner wanted it known that he amended the paperwork that he was submitting to R&L Transport was to compensate Muskingum Township for road repairs in the amount of $7500.00. and also corrected Mike Maniaci’s phone number.  All trustees signed the letter and Fiscal Officer will mail it.


Maniaci said the house at 3240 Creamery Road is owned by Stephen Mitchell Hallack.  Appears to be the only lien holder on the property and current on his taxes.  Maniaci had a resolution and a notice to be sent to him for the removal of the debris, vegetation, garbage in his yard.  The resolution was passed at the last meeting.  A certified letter will be mailed to Mr. Hallack so we will know it has been received.  Miller advised there was no contact number on the letter, so Maniaci said he will amend that letter and forward onto Fiscal Officer once it has been corrected.


Maniaci also advised the signs for the trucks would be $48.00 a truck from Kessler Sign. 


Maniaci said he received notification from the Frank Gates Company in regards to our Bureau of Work’s Compensation that someone had to attend a two-hour safety training, which he did.  He submitted his certificate to the fiscal officer and it will be put into his personnel file.  Fusner advised he also completed his training online and submitted a certificate of completion.


Miller discussed putting a sticker over the aluminum sign out front of the buildings to read Muskingum Township Building & Office and/or Station #3.  Maniaci said he will check with Kessler’s in regards to a price.  Maniaci said he would like to make a motion to get 6 signs from Kessler’s for the trucks, possibly on the backhoe and other equipment.  Maniaci said he did check with the insurance company and there is no extra cost to the township to have these signs displayed on the trucks.  Miller said we should not make a motion for the signs until after we see the final design.  All trustees agreed.


Maniaci stated that Curtis and Charlie, along with Cass Township, finished the Schneider Lane Project.  Salmons said we still need to build a fence around the bottom of it to keep the cows away from it.  Maniaci stated that the road part has been completed.


Maniaci submitted the inventory sheet to the fiscal officer which will be mailed to the county engineer’s office. 


Maniaci also stated that there is a new payroll certification which the trustees will use to document their time worked on the roads for each month.  He had an example which came from the Auditor’s Office that he wanted to adopt for the upcoming year.  It is no longer necessary to keep track of the days worked, only certify percentages of what portion was worked on roads and general business.  It is not required to be done the old way, according to the Ohio Revised Code.


Jerry Miller advised he received a letter from the Health Department advising it was time for the for the Backflow test.  Miller said he wanted Curtis to call the plumber and have him come and do the testing. 


Miller wanted to make the motion to accept the resolution 2011-12-29.  Muskingum Township will maintain health insurance benefits for to the trustees, fiscal officer and its employees per O.R.C. 505.60.  This will allow the newly elected official’s to take health insurance through the township.  Fusner said according to the Grassroots flyer, the O.R.C. codes are 505.60, 505.602 and 9.833 Maniaci seconded.  All ayed.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Miller ayed. 


Fusner advised that he and Maniaci are going to the Winter Conference in February. 


Forest Mendenhall wanted to say Thanks for a job well done by all three trustees and fiscal officer.  Through all the hardships and things they have all been put through unnecessarily and by some very self serving people in this township, who have helped dig us a hole we now have to dig ourselves out of.  He wanted to thank them all for their diligence and service to the citizens of this township. 


Thelma Cohagen wanted to thank Mr. Miller for his time and effort he has put in the last 8 years and would anticipate that Mr. Hittle would do the same.


Fusner advised that Curtis put in a culvert on Dresden Road due to a culvert being eaten out.  He extended this culvert out further than the old one to try to get the water out away from the road, approximately 10 feet further than it was.  There is a slip there and Miller got an estimate from Zemba Brothers to fix the slip for $7190.00.  It is approximately 90 feet long.  They will shelf it out down 15 feet and then put 601d rock a foot and a half thick to allow moisture in hillside to escape.  Maniaci made a motion to accept the estimate from Zemba Brothers.  Fusner seconded.  Roll Call:  Maniaci ayed, Miller ayed, Fusner ayed.


Curtis Salmons also advised that the tree they cut off of  Chug Run today has the tree lying on the phone line.  The poles are broke off and they did prop up the line with a tree to hold it up.  Someone needs to call and try to get the line cleared away from the trees.  Fusner said he will call tomorrow to try to get this taken care of.


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Miller.  All ayed.






                          JERRI A SALMONS, FISCAL OFFICER