Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio

August 2013 Regular Meeting




August 1, 2013


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on August 1, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.  There were 3 residents present.


The July 16th special meeting minutes were read and approved.


The regular minutes were read. Mrs. Cohagen commented on the regular minutes read and having not mentioned a question ask by Mr. Miller regarding what funds the payments for township garage and cemetery mowing were paid from. Fiscal Officer Baughman stated he missed these comments in the minutes. Maniaci made a motion to have Fiscal Officer amend the minutes to include the question and comments from Mr. Miller and the trustees would have to wait to approve the minutes as amended at the next meeting.   


Maniaci stated he spoke with Chief Brown about the funds and proper classification. Maniaci stated that Brown said Falls Fire Department had similar situation with Falls trustees and proper coding of payments for mowing around the township building and the decision reached was not to continue to pay out of the fire fund.


Maniaci made resolution to pay now and moving forward, monies for the contracted services for mowing of the township garage and cemeteries out of the general fund. Fusner seconded. Roll call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed. 


Maniaci made resolution for the general fund to reimburse the fire fund for the $425 monies paid during April through June 2013 for the contracted mowing of township garage and cemetery. Hittle seconded. Roll call: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed.


Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Maniaci opened for old business.


Mrs. Cohagen asked if the township garage and cemetery mowing contracted was paid the same way in prior years, as previously discussed. Baughman stated prior years payments were paid similar.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about the status of the decals on the township vehicles. Maniaci apologized for the delay and will get the decals on the vehicles. Mrs. Cohagen stated she also sees the decals as a liability. Maniaci mentioned an instance occurring last winter with Mr. Ron Thomas, where our township trucks were mistaken for backing into some stones at the entrance of Stone Henge. After doing some investigating Maniaci stated that our trucks were mistaken for the trash trucks.


Mrs. Cohagen asked about any follow-up on the property on Route 60 across from Dollar General. Fusner stated they would have follow-up and get back on this property.


Maniaci stated chip-seal has been completed.


Maniaci asked about Whitt Court. Hittle stated that he spoke the gentlemen from Whitt Court regarding Doug Davis's estimate, the additional bond involved and their next steps if they wanted to proceed with the road project.


Mr. Dunfee asked the trustees about the micro-seal that was discussed last year. Maniaci stated we did not proceed with any micro-seal of roads last year or this year. Maniaci stated that roads with a good base would work best with the micro-seal and the price is closer to 2/3 of asphalt rather that 1/2 of what micro-seal was stating.      


Maniaci opened for new business.


Maniaci stated he did not receive a fire report at the time of the meeting and would have to report at the next regular meeting.


Maniaci stated that some drainage issues have been identified in and around our township roads. Identified were: Rollins Drive, Northcrest, Vern Door, and Idlewood. Fusner stated Rollins drive needs 18" culverts instead of smaller 12" culverts that were originally installed. Maniaci also stated the trustees believe larger 24" culverts are needed on the Hankes, Rollins Drive and also recommended for the Northcrest drainage problems.  Mrs. Cohagen mentioned Epply and Vanderbark areas to take a look at also.  Mrs. Sharon Steinmetz, resident on Rollins Drive, presented trustees with some pictures of the water issues on Rollins Maniaci left message with Doug Davis and the trustees will get with Doug Davis to discuss the drainage issue and solutions on the roads identified.


Maniaci stated that Curtis and Charlie were working on a new grader and needed to refill the propane tanks. By using what's left and refilling the tanks is actually about $400 less expensive than continuing to incur monthly rental fee.


Fusner stated that we need to send Joe Zimmerman, 3400 Gorsuch Road, a bill for $180 for a 30' culvert. Fusner also mentioned Mr. Zimmerman mentioned wanting to install an underground electric line. Fusner stated he spoke with Curtis and AEP


Fusner asked about $500 grant and would talk to Curtis about identifying safety items needed that would apply toward the grant.


Fusner stated he received a call from Cotterman at Hickory Hills. Curtis will have to go up to rip rap the ditch.     


Fusner stated the new home built by Matt Stotts up at Oakwood 3 North installed a little 6" culvert in the driveway and could be a concern to look at down the road.


Hittle stated the stop sign issue on Rollins Drive was fixed by Doug Davis shortly after Hittle contacted Doug.


Maniaci read a resolution determining to proceed with the submission to the electors of the question of levying a tax in excess of the ten-mill limitation, RC 5705.19, 5705.191, 5705.25, 5705.26. Mr. Maniaci moved the adoption of the resolution, Hittle seconded the resolution and the roll being called upon its adoption, the vote resulted as follows: Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed, Hittle ayed, adopted the 1st day of August, 2013, witnessed and certified, Jason T. Baughman, Fiscal Officer of Muskingum Township, this 1st day of August, 2013.



Hittle moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Maniaci.  All ayed.



                                                             Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer