Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio

Aug. 2011 minutes





DATE: August 4, 2011


PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular meeting.


OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on August 4, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fire Building.  All trustees and fiscal officer were present.


The minutes of the July 7, 2011 and the Special Meeting on July 28, 2011 were read and approved.  Checks were approved and signed for payment.


Spencer Robinson spoke with the Trustees in regards to an Eagle Scout Project he wanted to do at the Sherrod Chapel Cemetery located on Powellson Road.  He would like to replace 200’ of the fence surrounding the cemetery with new wire and add on an additional 20’ with wire.  He would furnish all materials necessary for this project by donations he receives.  He further stated this project would completed by September 15, 2011. There would be two other projects involved.  One Scout would map the cemetery for the Genealogy Society. Another Scout would set up fallen headstones.  Maniaci made the motion for Mr. Robinson to proceed with this project and Miller stated if he is unable to receive enough donations that the township would help with the costs of some materials needed.  Robinson also said this project will be completed in one day.  Miller seconded this motion.


Don Clark made a donation to Spencer Robinson for this project.


Marie Whitt wanted to verify with the trustees about her homeowners insurance premium increasing due to the distance of a fire station and fire hydrants from her residence.  They advised her that if the levy did not pass and the fire station would close, her premium would increase because of no fire station.


Forest Mendenhall stated that the Fire Levy is a renewal and will not be an increase in anybody’s taxes.  He also wanted it in the minutes that the Fire Levy Committee will be holding neighborhood meetings to answer resident’s questions in regards to the levy.  Maniaci also stated that there will be a table set up at the Chicken-Bar-B-Q to answer levy questions.


Thelma Cohagen asked about the request to pave the road at the apartments by the Exxon Station.  Maniaci stated they are aware they need to come to the trustees with a signed petition saying that they will let us assess their taxes.  It is in their hands.


Jerri Newell contacted 2 different trash removal companies to compare costs.  Trustees agreed to continue with Waste Management for trash removal.  Also they decided to keep the existing dumpster as it would cost $150 for them to come and remove it. Also to have them pick up once a month instead of twice monthly.  The charge will be $32.48 plus fuel surcharge for a total of $43.00. Pick up will be the first Tuesday of the first full week of the month.  Maniaci and Miller both said they were fine with that.


Mike Maniaci stated he met with Huey’s and Havens’ about Welsh Road drainage issue.  Both residents stated we can do whatever we want to do, as long as he is able to mow over the ditch.   Trustees are to meet with the Engineers Office tomorrow so he can survey the area and see what their options are.  Maniaci said he would present the plan to the Huey’s & Havens’, show them exactly what is going to be done and then have them sign the agreeance contract to get the drainage issue solved.


Maniaci said Scott Zemba informed him the Schneider Lane project will begin Tuesday morning.


Maniaci made the motion to accept the paving bid from The Shelly Company for $70,467 to pave Wilson Lane and Gorsuch Road from Wilson Lane to Route 60.  Not to pave Carolina Rd at this time.  Fusner seconded.  All ayed.  Miller ayed, Maniaci ayed, Fusner ayed.


Jerry Miller said he spoke with Matt Lutz and Doug Culbertson at the county to try to control the traffic on our roads due to Creamery Road to be closed down and North Pointe.


Eric Wasson asked why the cemetery was allowed to be in such disrepair, trustees advised that we mow it twice a month.  Fusner informed him there has been a lot of vandalism to this cemetery, graves dug up, headstones knocked over and 4 wheelers ride back in that area.  Miller said Mr. Robinson made it sound far worse than it is, that there may be 3 fence posts rotted off, 3 or 4 headstones knocked over.


Miller presented a contract to trustees from Century Link not to boar on Dutch School Road but they have decided to go aerial.  Miller made the motion to accept this agreement.  Maniaci seconded.  All trustees signed agreement. Jerri Newell will mail signed copy to Century Link.


Jerry Miller read the fire report from Falls Township:

     9 EMS Runs         ART (Avg Response Time) 9.45

     2 Fire Runs        ART                     6.28


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Fusner.  All ayed.






                          JERRI A NEWELL, FISCAL OFFICER