Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio



April 2, 2015


The Muskingum Township Trustee met in regular session on April 2, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the Fire Building.



Trustees: Mike Maniaci, Matt Hittle, Ed Fell.

Fiscal Officer: Jason Baughman.

Residents:  1 resident in attendance.



The March 5, 2015 regular meeting minutes were read and approved. Checks were approved and signed.




Salt Supply Update:

Maniaci stated that trustees all agree due to our current salt supply and storage options, we don’t need to pursue the summer salt purchase agreement and can wait until the winter purchasing program is available

Hittle stated we need to send a bill to Zanesville City Schools, Attn: Matt Hittle for 8 ton of salt purchased for $135 per ton, $1,080.00.


Fleming/Schlaegel Shannon Road Dispute:

Maniaci presented a copy of a court summons received stating that Mr. James Fleming filed a Complaint and Motion for Temporary Restraining Order on his Shannon Road property. The dispute continues over the abandon road, right-a-way, “Schlaegel Property,” between Fleming and Schlaegel. Maniaci stated he spoke with Bud Chess and presented and email from Bud indicating that he was in the process of preparing a response on behalf of both the County Commissioners and the Township to the recent complaint of James Fleming with our position the case is a dispute between private property owners and the county and township are only incidental parties to the suit, having no responsibilities for the “road” in question. As for the trustees, Chess recommended we do nothing.


Meeting with County Engineer 2015:

Maniaci indicated our meeting with the county engineer is scheduled for April 23rd at 8:15 to discuss upcoming projects and Type 1 and 2 budgets. Maniaci presented a list of equipment and rates issued by the engineer’s office for 2015. The letter indicates we have 25.3 county miles (rank 19), 47.36 township miles (rank 23), population 3,813 (rank 19) for a total rank 61st. Type 1 fund for 2015 - $963, Type 2 funds - $10,010.26, Total - $11,519.19.


Amended Certificate Estimated Resources 2015:

Fiscal Officer Baughman stated received additional $9,521 (LGF Funds).

Baughman recommended trustees make motion to accept these funds and include them in the Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources for 2015 and for appropriation.

Maniaci moved the adoption to include the $9,521 in our 2015 Certificated of Estimated Resources.

Matt Hittle seconded the resolution and the roll being called: Maniaci ayed, Hittle ayed, Fell ayed.


Chip-Seal Roads Gravel and Limestone:

Maniaci presented Aggregate bid proposal for 1200 tons of #8 Limestone and #8 or #9 gravel.

The Aggregate bid proposal and notice to bidders accepting sealed bids, to be opened at next regular scheduled meeting on May 7, 2015, will be listed in the Times Recorder and listed on the township website.


20/20 Enterprises:

Hittle stated he left a couple messages with 20/20 Enterprises for some chip-seal pricing and getting them to attend the next meeting for a discussion.




Fire & EMS Run Reports: March 2015:

There was no information available at time of meeting and will be reported at next regular meeting.



Hittle discussed issue he was working on with Mr. Cliff Murphy of Harper Drive. Mr. Murphy was having some water issues with his driveway and was looking at contractors to fix his driveway. The driveway issues result of a culvert issues. Hittle discussed with trustees and provided diagram of the layout that requires about 80’ of perforated culvert. Since this is a driveway culvert issue and installation Maniaci stated their not opposed of doing the culvert install as long as Mr. Murphy willing to pay for the 80’ culvert of approximately $400. Fell stated he has been dealing with 3 houses and driveways on Riley Rd. with similar culvert issues and not opposed to do the work as long as they pay for the culverts. Hittle will follow-up with Mr. Murphy about the discussion and paying for the cost of the culvert first before we proceed.


Maniaci indicated we need to send a bill to Lepi for the culvert we installed.

Fell stated we need to send a bill to Weever, Hershberger and Neal for culvert install.

Hittle stated we need to send a bill to Brian Williams for 30’ culvert.

Fiscal Officer Baughman will follow-up with sending the invoices for these residents. Baughman recommended to the trustees moving forward have the resident prepay for the culverts. Fell agreed we shouldn’t have to make collection calls and Jason to let the trustees know if we need to follow-up with the resident with collecting payment for the culvert.


Stop Sign McCaslin Road:

As follow-up to McCaslin road stop sign replacement, Hittle stated the stop sign was replaced by the county. Hittle asked what our available on hand supply of road signs we keep at the township. Maniaci indicated we keep stop signs on stock and being a stop sign we just send one of the guys out to replace regardless of county or township as a safety measure.


Northcrest Road:

Hittle indicated so far to-date there has been no problems with Northcrest Road.


Sterling Dump Truck:

Maniaci stated Curtis been having some issues with the clutch in the Sterling and is having it repaired. Maniaci presented trustees a Gizmo that is a control that helps with controlling the salt spreader and would help Troy with controlling the spreader while plowing. Curtis stated the spreader on his truck doesn’t work. Maniaci stated he is going to see Hibner next week as he is taking up the radiator and pictures to show him the new design is different than ours that too we have had issues with. Maniaci stated he told Hibner our dissatisfaction with the truck and hopefully work out something to get some money back.  Curtis stated the price on the Gizmo control plus valve would be about $2,175 plus install.


Free Gravel:  Thanks to Curtis, with the recent logger activity going on our roads, Curtis was able to get us 60 ton of free gravel.


Maniaci moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Hittle.  All ayed.


___________________________                                          Jason T. Baughman, CPA, Fiscal Officer