Muskingum Township
Muskingum County, Ohio



                    Asphalt Paving – Muskingum Township, Muskingum County, Ohio


1.       Bidders are advised to examine, before submitting their bids, the location where the proposed work is to be done, as well as the plans, profiles, specifications, and contract documents.  It is hereby understood that the bidder has read and fully understands each and every clause embodied in this contract. 

2.       Each proposal must contain the full name of the party making the bid and all persons interested therein.  

3.       The award will be made to the lowest and best bidder.  Awards will be made on the basis of unit prices bid and the township reserves the right to add to or delete from the estimated bid quantities.

 4.       Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond in an amount equal to 10% of the proposal, and made payable to the Township Trustees as a guarantee that, if the proposal is accepted, a contract will be entered into in accordance therewith, and check of successful bidder will be returned upon proper execution and securing of the contract.  Checks of unsuccessful bidder will be returned upon execution of contract with successful bidder.

 5.       The successful bidder will be required to furnish a performance bond in the amount of One Hundred Percent (100%) of his bid.

 6.       All proposal blanks shall be filled in completely.  Failure to do so could result in rejection of bid.

 7.       The Board of Township Trustees reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities

 8.       The attention of bidder is directed to the special statutory provisions (ORC 4115.03 et seq.) governing the prevailing rates of wages to be paid to operators, laborers and mechanics employed and on discriminations, etc. in employment under public contracts (ORC 153.38, 153.60).

 9.       The bidder shall submit a current O.D.O.T. Certification of Qualifications that will show it is currently qualified by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform the work as required under section 5525.02 to 5525.09 inclusive of the Ohio Revised Code.

 10.   O.D.O.T. Specification 401.20, Asphalt Binder Price Adjustment, and all related sections shall not apply to this project.




ROAD NAME: Dresden Ct, Pierre Dr, Tiffany Dr

 LENGTH   0.90 miles

WIDTH 19-19.5 feet

AVG THICKNESS  1.25 inches



 SCOPE OF WORK:       The Contractor shall furnish all materials, equipment and tools necessary to complete the asphalt paving complete in place on roadway acceptable to the Township Trustees and/or the County Engineer.  All materials shall meet the specifications provided for Item 404LV (Low Volume), Asphalt Concrete.  All equipment shall meet current O.D.O.T. Specifications.  The contractor shall clean and otherwise prepare the surface for paving. Bridge treatments shall be directed by the Engineer in order to provide a smooth road surface.  Asphalt placed on bridges shall be authorized by the Engineer prior to the commencement of paving activities. The contractor shall place a butt joint across the entire width of the roadway as directed by the County Engineer and/or Township Trustees to provide a level transition from new asphalt to existing pavement.  Contractor shall apply liquid asphalt and seal edges of new to existing pavement at beginning and end of overlay and intersections, including butt joints.



        704      Tons 404 LV (Low Volume) Asphalt Concrete, Furnished

                 Hauled, Spread, and Rolled 1.25” avg            @ $__________ = $______________     

         28      Tons 404 LV (Low Volume) Asphalt Concrete for intersections, leveling, driveways and

                  approaches, Furnished, Hauled, Spread,

                   and Rolled                                                   @ $__________ = $______________            

   1,013     Gallons 407 Asphalt Tack Coat, Furnished & Applied

                    (0.1 gal sq. yd.)                                          @ $__________ = $_____________



  Bidder Name:____________________________                                   TOTAL = $________________           






Revised November 8, 2010

 Designer Notes:

404LVT was developed for use in low volume traffic applications as an alternative to chip sealing and microsurfacing that provides a longer service life between treatments.  It is a 1-inch thick asphalt overlay that corrects minor surface distresses, provides increase to pavement strength, enhances ride comfort, and improves road profile and driver safety.  (Note: A variable-depth intermediate course is recommended where profile or crown are excessive.) 404LVT can be furnished as either a hot mix asphalt or warm mix asphalt product.  A 404LVT pavement surface is smooth, eliminates dust, is free of loose stone chips, and is quiet and completely reusable into new asphalt pavement.

404LVT has been designed to be rich in asphalt binder, fine-textured, and include a minimum of 50% of the virgin fine aggregate to be natural sand; this facilitates attaining mix density, flexibility, and resilience.  These are necessary properties for ensuring longevity and successful mix performance on low volume roadways where oxidation and cracking are the primary pavement distresses.  Since 404LVT is a recipe mix it should only be used for routes having ADT<2500.

The specification provides for two mix types.  The first uses conventional asphalt binder.  The second uses Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) polymerization to enhance longevity and facilitate increased concentrations of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), thereby improving mix economy.

The gradation, aggregate quality, and binder contents are the same for both the polymer-modified and non-modified mixtures.  Owners are provided a mechanism (in Table 1, Note 2) to increase (or decrease) binder content if mix appearance deems such necessary.  Compensation for binder increases and decreases is provided in Section .22, Acceptance and Basis of Payment.

Section .22 includes a pay adjustment mechanism to encourage the contractor to furnish mix having a binder content that closely matches the job mix formula.  Mix having binder content below the job mix formula, but within specification tolerances, will receive an adjustment commensurate to the amount of lacking binder.  No adjustment is made for binder content in excess of the job mix formula – so as not to create an incentive for over-asphalting.

Local government agencies considering use of this specification are cautioned regarding the references to the Lab and Department in .02 and .22.  These references should be changed to refer to the appropriate agency or engineer.  Agencies are asked to contact Flexible Pavements of Ohio for additional guidance and to obtain the most current specification in an MSWord file.  Contact Flexible Pavements of Ohio at 1-888-4HOT MIX (446-8649) or


Revised November 8, 2010

 404LVT.01 Description

404LVT.02 Composition

404LVT.021 Quality Control

404LVT.03 Materials

404LVT.04 Use of Reclaimed Pavement

404LVT.05 Mixing Plants

404LVT.06 Weather Limitations

404LVT.07 Notification

404LVT.08 Asphalt Binder Preparation

404LVT.09 Aggregate Preparation

404LVT.10 Mixing

404LVT.11 Hauling

404LVT.12 Spreading Equipment

404LVT.13 Rollers

404LVT.14 Conditioning Existing Surface

404LVT.15 Spreading and Finishing

404LVT.16 Compaction

404LVT.17 Joints

404LVT.18 Asphalt Binder Compatibility

404LVT.19 Spreading and Surface Tolerances

404LVT.20 Asphalt Binder Price Adjustment

404LVT.21 Method of Measurement

404LVT.22 Acceptance and Basis of Payment

404LVT.01 Description.

This work consists of constructing a 1-inch thick surface course or variable depth intermediate course of aggregate and asphalt binder for use in low volume traffic applications where average daily traffic is less than two thousand five hundred vehicles per day (ADT < 2500).

Mix aggregate and asphalt binder in a central plant and spread and compact on a prepared surface according to these specifications and in reasonably close conformity with the lines, grades and typical sections shown on the plans or established by the Engineer.  Include polymer when PMA mixture is specified.

All specification references herein are to the Ohio Department of Transportation,

2010 Construction & Materials Specifications.

The requirements of specification 401do not apply except where noted. Asphalt concrete mix pavement thickness shown on the plans or stated in the proposal is for exclusive use in calculating the weight required to be placed per unit of surface area.

Section .22 includes a pay adjustment mechanism for mix that deviates from the job mix formula.  Mix having binder content below the job mix formula, but within specification tolerances, will receive an adjustment commensurate to the amount of lacking binder.  No payment is made for binder content in excess of the job mix formula.

404LVT.02 Composition.

Establish a Job Mix Formula (JMF) by combining coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), asphalt binder, and polymer compound in proportions that result in an asphalt mixture meeting the blend limits in Table 1.  Note: a minimum of 50% of the virgin fine aggregate must be natural sand, 703.05

Mixture Proportions

Sieve Total Percent Passing
            1/2 inch


3/8 90-100
No. 4 72
No. 16 27-45
No. 50 10-22
No. 200 0-8

Total binder content

(% by weight of mix)

Gravel coarse aggregate: 6.21,2

Limestone coarse aggregate: 6.41,2

Gravel/Limestone coarse aggregate blends: 6.31,2

Slag: as determined by the Lab

Note 1: Increase binder content 0.2% for coarse

aggregate having absorption  ≥ 2.0

Note 2: The engineer may adjust binder content. Compensation will be made according to 404LVT.22

Minimum virgin binder


(% by weight of mix)

Gravel coarse aggregate: 3.7

Limestone coarse aggregate: 3.9

Slag: as determined by the Lab


Polymer Content (%) 

% RAP: Binder Grade: % RAP: Binder Grade: Polymer Content (%)
0 – 20 64-22 0 – 40 64-22 2

404LVT.021 Quality Control

Ensure quality control personnel, testing devices, and facilities meet the

requirements of Supplement 1041.  Meet the requirements of Item 403 except 403.04 and


Calibrate asphalt content nuclear gauges according to Supplement 1043. Perform quality control testing according to the frequency provided in Table 2.

Obtain mix samples at the mixing plant.

Table 2

Quality Control Testing Schedule

Daily Frequency Tests Sample Type
Within first 100 tons binder content, gradation completed mix
Each 400 tons thereafter binder content, gradation completed mix

During production investigate and correct variation from the JMF, as shown by the quality control analysis, of plus or minus 4 percent passing the No. 4 sieve or plus or minus 0.3 percent binder.

If variation exceeds the limits in Table 3 immediately cease production until the cause for variation is determined and corrections made.  Notify the Engineer.

 Table 3

Deviation from the Design

Mix Characteristic From the Design Range
Binder Content ± 0.5 percent 1.0
No. 4 Sieve ± 6 percent 12

404LVT.03 Materials. Furnish materials conforming to Table 4.

Material Specification
Asphalt binder 702.01
Aggregate 703.053
Mineral filler 703.07
Polymer 702.14

Note 3: Do not apply the gradation requirements for fine aggregate.


404LVT.04 Use of Reclaimed Pavement

Process recycled asphalt pavement such that it passes a 9/16-inch sieve and when

incorporated ensures a one-half inch maximum aggregate size. 

404LVT.05 Mixing Plants.  Apply the requirements of 401.05 

404LVT.06 Weather Limitations.  Apply the requirements of 401.06 

404LVT.07 Notification. Apply the requirements of 401.07 

404LVT.08 Asphalt Binder Preparation.  Apply the requirements of 401.08 

404LVT.09 Aggregate Preparation.  Apply the requirements of 401.09 

404LVT.10 Mixing.  Apply the requirements of 401.10 Asphalt mixtures may be produced using the warm mix asphalt method according to 402.09

 404LVT.11 Hauling.  Apply the requirements of 401.11 

404LVT.12 Speading Equipment.  Apply the requirements of 401.12 

404LVT.13 Rollers.  Apply the requirements of 401.13 

404LVT.14 Conditioning Existing Surface. Apply the requirements of 401.14 

404LVT.15 Spreading and Finishing.

Ensure spreading operations result in a mat texture that is uniform and free of deficiencies such as tears, drags or other blemishes.  Remove and replace areas of deficient mat texture.

Apply the requirements of 401.15 

404LVT.16 Compaction.  Apply the requirements of 401.16 

404LVT.17 Joints.  Apply the requirements of 401.17 

404LVT.18 Asphalt Binder Compatibility.  Apply the requirements of 401.18 

404LVT.19 Spreading and Surface Tolerances. Apply the requirements of 401.19 

404LVT.20 Asphalt Binder Price Adjustment.  Apply the requirements of 401.20 

404LVT.21 Method of Measurement.  Apply the requirements of 401.21 

404LVT.22 Acceptance and Basis of Payment. Apply the requirements of 401.22

Acceptance for gradation and binder content will be based upon the mean of the results of all required quality control tests performed during a day’s production.

The Department will perform verification testing according to 403.06. Production will be considered acceptable if the tolerances shown in Table 3 are

not exceeded and the remaining sieves do not exceed the limits of the applicable specifications.

In the event material does not meet these requirements but that reasonably acceptable material has been produced, the Engineer will make a determination if the deficient work will be accepted and remain in place.  If accepted, payment will equal 90 percent of the bid item cost for deviations related to aggregate gradation; 70 percent for binder deviations.

Payment for accepted quantities, complete in place, will be based on the following formula: CY X [Unit Price + 2BI(BADJUST – BC)]


Where CY = cubic yards of asphalt concrete Unit Price = unit price bid for the item BC = Binder Correction factor.



BACTUAL = Mean binder content of material placed, excluding deficient material removed or accepted at reduced pay

BADJUST  = (%) binder adjustment (Table 1, Note 2)

BBID = specified binder content (%) + (%) binder added for absorptive aggregate (Table 1, Note 1)


BI = Bidding Index


Item                                                  Unit                                             Description
404LVT                                       Cubic Yard                                   Asphalt Concrete 

404LVT-PMA                              Cubic Yard                                   Asphalt Concrete Polymer Modified